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The fit of a frame’s bridge is essential to eyewear comfort.

We have so many euphemisms for the nose. Maybe that’s because there are roughly seven billion variations. But we only have a handful of different bridges on eyewear. How do you make sure each of your patients gets the proper one?

A plastic frame’s bridge will either fit a patient or it won’t. By contrast, metal frames with adjustable nosepads have an almost infinite flexibility. A well-fitting plastic frame bridge makes a smooth, gap-free contact with the nose. Poorly fitting bridges show gaps or contact only in selected places. For some individuals, therefore, a plastic frame may not be possible.

Start the fitting process by taking a long, discreet look at your patient’s nose. Is it a little button or more of a beak? Is it rounded or flat? Once you have a mental image, select a bridge that contours it.

If the bridge is quite flat, finding a well-fitting plastic frame will be difficult. However, many manufacturers offer plastic frames with guard arm-mounted nosepads. These kinds of nosepads, however, can increase vertex distance and don’t have the adaptability of a metal frame with adjustable ones.

ProDesign Eyewear, Inc.’s collections offer almost every plastic frame with or without nosepads. Legre’s Iota line is an ultra-lightweight plastic series that comes with nosepads. Both feature great looks, great weight, and great comfort-all with the custom fit you can only get from nosepads.

Be sure to find the maximum amount of contact between the nose and the bridge. This is determined by looking very closely at the patient. You want to look not only at what is going on at the leading edge of the bridge but also what is happening behind it.

A saddle bridge is usually smooth with the absence of any discernible nosepads. A modified saddle bridge will have distinct nosepads. A saddle bridge should fit the patient’s nose like a saddle fits a horse-flush with no gaps. Saddle bridge frames work best with patients who don’t have any unique fitting issues.

Although saddle bridges have a familiar shape, they come in different sizes. For example, Ogi Eyewear’s 3125 has a quite narrow bridge, 9202 features a medium-wide bridge, and 9205 boasts an extra-wide fit.

A keyhole bridge vaults the crest of the nose. It’s useful for those who have a high-crested nose or one that’s broken. One glance at Nike Vision’s 4258 from Marchon Eyewear’s Nike Flexon Hyper collection or MODO Eyewear’s 6032 and you’ll see the prominent keyhole shape at the crest of the bridge. It’s a timeless, distinctive, and flattering design.

Just as with plastic frames, bridge width is essential for a great-fitting metal frame. A metal frame’s bridge that is too wide will have the crest, rather than the pads, resting on the patient’s nasal crest. It will also force the guard arms and pads to be bent too far to reach the nose. A bridge that is too narrow forces the frame to ride high. What you are after is the maximum amount of contact with the nose. You can easily customize the fit with adjustable nosepads.

There are also metal frames with form-fit bridges. These inserts mimic the fit of a plastic frame. Like saddle bridges, form-fit bridges come in different styles and materials.

The bridge on a three-piece mount design is one-third of the frame. It is the piece that holds the lenses together to form a complete pair of eyewear. Unlike other frame styles, the bridge on a three-piece mount comes in different lengths.

Virtually every Silhouette Optical, Ltd. rimless model comes with the choice of a 17mm, 19mm, or 21mm bridge, enabling the ECP to customize the eyewear for a perfect fit.

Managing bridge fit is all about paying big attention to small details.

John Seegers is a licensed optician at Ryan Vision Center in Henrico, VA, and the creator of

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