They said it couldn’t be done. But Nashville-based American Eyewear has created U.S. jobs along with its quality, domestic collection inspired by Music City. 

This story is not about just frames; it is about a belief by Robert Coppock, founder of the two-year-old American Eyewear, that he could launch a frame business in the U.S. and remain competitive in today’s economic climate. Coppock chose to ignore the naysayers and follow his passion, positive thinking and a conservative profit margin. “We made a very determined decision not to be greedy. We strive to deliver the highest luxury quality, at a fair and reasonable price,” he said, adding that he was able to put people back to work and still succeed as a company.

As the follow up its high-end women’s line Madison Montgomery and the affordable, everyday Thad Roberts Essentials, American Eyewear launched the NASH collection on the 4th of July (it doesn’t get more American than that!) that targets working-class men with its rustic, contemporary look.

Precision Cutting, Hand Finishing

NASH is co-branded with Mazzuchelli 1849- each frame is marked “Made in Nashville” on one temple and “Mazzuchelli Acetate” on the other. A nod to Music City, each model features a funky guitar-handle temple tip. Acknowledging that men’s facial structures are diverse, sizes range from 46 to 64 with temple lengths up to 150mm, so they can fit teenagers to grown men. While using the most advanced robotic cutting machines to ensure a precision cut for ocular fits, each frame from that point on is entirely finished by hand.


The 11 colors reflect the “Hills
of Tennessee.” Flattering hues include woods and sky, denim, blacksmith, bourbon, ash, walnut, black & blue, tobacco, ebony & ivory, splash of ink and blond bombshell. Highlights include the TN 28 aviator; the retro, P3-inspired TN 10; the rectangular TN 06 with a keyhole bridge; and the rounded rectangular TN 18 with a double bridge.

Diane F. Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM, FNAO, is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer and consultant to optical professionals residing in Jackson, GA.


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