Silhouette takes clean design to another level with Titan Minimal Art.


Pared-down to only essential elements, Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art collection embodies comfort and clean styles.

“The TMA is characterized by the absolute reduction to the essentials,” said designer Gerhard Fuchs. “You can’t remove anything nor do you need to add anything. It’s a design classic and here, form follows function in a perfect way, and with that, unrivaled wearing comfort. The Titan Minimal Art is the epitome of ‘nothing feels like a Silhouette.’”


The collection is screwless and hingeless, weighing only 1.8 grams. Crafted in Austria, where Silhouette is headquartered, models range from casual to elegant with shapes from retro butterfly and cat eye to smaller oval-shaped styles for men that hearken back to the 1990s.

In May, the company introduced TMA The Icon Accent Rings, which incorporates an SPX (a super-polyamide material) ring that frames the outside lens edges to create the illusion of a frame. This unique design is neither a rimless style nor a full-rim. Instead, it’s a combination of both. With six frame colors, six lens shapes and six Accent Ring colors, the collection offers more than 200 possible variations for a completely custom style.


Roland Keplinger, Silhouette’s head of design, told VCPN the company first attempted to design Accent Rings about four years ago, but it was only in the last year it established the technology to produce frames that are thin and light.

“For a designer, this new hybrid of full-rim and rimless eyewear creates a great playing field,” he said. “We see the Accent Rings as not only one-dimensional rings, but also as an opportunity to let certain silhouettes of the rings interact with different shapes of lenses.”

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