Embedded with the Smart Blue Filter, Essilor’s Eyezen+ lenses come with blue light protection built in.

As digital device usage rises, the time is ideal to offer lenses that help defend against digital eyestrain and protect against harmful blue light. Among the newest products to address this are Eyezen+ lenses from Essilor of America, Inc., which block at least 20% of the harmful blue light rays produced by digital devices.

Eyezen+ lenses are embedded with Essilor’s Smart Blue Filter feature to create a visually clear lens that is designed to block harmful blue light in addition to relaxing the eye. Eyezen+ lenses achieve this with three different designs, each providing a different amount of accommodative relief. The first level is for patients aged 18 to 34, the second is geared for ages 35 to 44 and the third is for patients 45 to 50. While this is currently the highest category, it is recommended that patients 45 and older consider progressive addition lenses.

Anti-reflective coatings can be added to achieve the clearest and most relaxed view possible, with Crizal recommended as the minimum coating of choice and Prevencia for those seeking maximum protection from harmful light.

Eyezen+ lenses, only available through independent eyecare professionals (ECPs), are recommended for single vision eyeglass wearers, contact lens users and even the millions who do not require a prescription. Eyezen+ lenses are currently covered by managed vision care plans.

Other products under the Eyezen brand are also offered online and via mass retailers. To create a level playing field in regards to pricing, every channel will receive the same price.

Essilor of America’s chief marketing officer, Carl Bracy, explained the reason for the multichannel approach: “The need to protect eyes extends well beyond those who need vision correction and are currently visiting their ECP for an annual exam. Out multichannel approach to Eyezen is designed to reach younger emmetropes who are not actively engaged in their own eye health.”

Essilor is pursuing a national consumer marketing campaign, so expect to see more awareness about the negative effects of harmful blue light, and take time to prepare your staff to have answers ready about Eyezen+ products.

Frank Gimbel, ABOC-AC is an advanced certified optician and owner of Gimbel Eye Associates in Wayne, PA.

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