Vitaris, a brand of PFO Global, provides patients with protection from HEV (high energy visible) light up to 420 nm.


With single vision and free-form progressive lens options suitable for work, play, home and professional use, Vitaris features premium high-definition anti-reflective (AR) treatment, or the company’s trademark iBlu Coat, which offers maximum protection from high energy visible (HEV) light. Materials include 1.60, 1.67 (finished product coming soon) and 1.74.

Targeted to eyecare professionals (ECPs) and labs, Vitaris accomplishes its goal without adding a blue-blocking AR. It’s worth noting, however, that this is certainly an option for an even higher degree of protection. Vitaris is available in both finished and semi-finished options. Several products competing in the HEV/blue light protection sector have a distinct yellowish-amber hue, while Vitaris is virtually clear, with no noticeable tint.

Back story

PFO Global is serving as a summer 2016 platinum sponsor for the Blue Light Understanding and Education (B.L.U.E.) series. The company will feature a national campaign spanning print, social media, digital media and a variety of channels across the optical industry.

WOW Factor

Vitaris allows ECPs to offer patients a premium product that addresses the levels of exposure to blue light we now face as a digital society. It also opens up opportunities for education and add-ons, which greatly benefits the patient and the dispensary.

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