The coating on Chemistrie Blue clips diminishes blue light emissions from digital devices.

Computers, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices we use daily emit excessive amounts of blue light. Eyenavision, Inc. has developed an option to help reduce their exposure.

Chemistrie™ Blue lenses have a special coating that reduces blue light emissions and offers relief from digital eyestrain (DES) symptoms like eye irritation, headaches, dry eye, and blurred vision.

An on-demand application, Chemistrie Blue uses the patented Chemistrie technology to attach an additional lens layer clip to a prescription frame by using magnets inlaid in the ophthalmic lenses. Chemistrie Blue is designed to be worn while working on digital devices that emit excessive blue light, as well as for those who work in artificially lit environments.

The Chemistrie Blue clip is a custom-made product compatible with any prescription frame. The lenses are edged and the base curve matched to provide a perfect fit over the prescription lenses. Chemistrie technology provides for a lightweight rimless design and uses only a central bridge to hold the lenses together.

Chemistrie Blue clips are clear and give off only a slight blue hue when exposed to blue light. They are available in plano and intermediate add powers from +0.25D to +1.50D in .25D increments. The lenses are made from wafer-thin Hi-Vex with an Abbe value of 46 and a refractive index of 1.56. The special lens coating reduces blue light transmission between 380nm to 450nm. Chemistrie products, which also include a sun lens and 3D clips, are available from more than 100 wholesale optical labs. Retailers who own an advanced edger with drilling capabilities can also fabricate the product in-house.

The appearance and convenience of Eyenavision’s Chemistrie Blue clip make it an ideal solution.

Jill Luebbert is a certified paraoptometric and optician practicing in northeast Nebraska.

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