Oakley upshifts to bring Rx Prizm to active prescription lens wearers.

Oakley Prizm aims to get athletes in the zone with its new prescription lenses. Rx Prizm joins the plano version that were introduced in snow goggles last winter. Created for all ages and genders, the lenses address a handful of specific activities; Road, Trail, Golf, Baseball, Angling and Daily.


Prizm prescription lenses are available in 6/8B high-wrap Oakley eyewear frames. Emphasizing colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail, Prizm lenses improve the player’s performance and safety by enhancing vision without the compromises of conventional lens tints. These lenses come in non-polarized as well as polarized, depending on the activity and are impact-resistant polycarbonate material. Though these prescriptions lenses can fit in a high wrap frame, there may be some limitations on the Rx when a high wrap frame is used due to the curve of the lens.


Prizm Road was designed with the cyclist in mind, enhancing vision in both bright light and shadows. The technology helps riders see subtle changes in the road surface so they can ride safer. Prizm Trail enhances off-road adventures by emphasizing the transitions in the sand, rocks, roots and other natural surroundings. Prizm Golf helps enthusiasts read the course better by enhancing the contrast of colors on the green, providing more depth cues and increasing the ability to see the conditions of the grass and the direction of the grain. Prizm Baseball helps players track the ball, making it stand out against the grass and dirt. Prizm Shallow and Deep Water have unique attributes that provide specific advantages in varying depths of water. Prizm Daily is an everyday lens tint that allows dull colors to become warm and rich for sharper contrast and a more pleasing relaxing visual experience.

Oakley plans to expand these lenses into a variety of activities. With the success of Oakley’s Prizm plano lenses, it was only a matter of time before the company brought this technology to the Rx market. Now Rx wearers can enjoy the same benefits their emmetropic counterparts enjoy.

Kendra Klapkehe, MEd, is the office manager and frame specialist at St. Matthews Vision Center in Louisville, KY.


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