Style No. BK590
Style No. BK584

If you’re a woman, you know how important it is to have a basic black dress. It’s classy and it works with so many things in your wardrobe. Men discovered this secret a long time ago too. After all, how elegant is a black tuxedo? Eastern States Eyewear’s new Black Forever collection harnesses this basic design element. The line is influenced by the young, creative flair of New York City and has appeal to women and men looking to make a unique and modern statement.

While black may be mysterious, there’s no enigma in the Black Forever collection—it’s fun and exciting. The line contains 19 unisex ophthalmics and three sun styles, all handmade in Japan of acetate, but with various finishes that look like metal and even wood and metal trims on the temples. You’ll also find full-rimmed and semi-rimless designs.

On the bold, chunky side are Style Nos. 580 and 583, both in shiny black for that downtown look. In contrast, Style No. BK 590, a modified cat eye, and Style No. BK 589, a modified rectangle, have a thinner eyewire dimension but still sport that glossy black color.

Style No. BK583
Style No. BK591

Looking for something different? Style No. BK 591 boasts black crystals on the temples and the front, with just the right amount of understated bling for that modern, fun look. Another cool and subtly embellished frame is Style No. BK 584 which has a triangle pattern of three dots on the frame front and temples. For those who like the matte look, there’s Style No. BK 588, a large square retro shape, and semi-rimless Style No. BK 582 with its wood finish.

So whether your office is in a big city, the “burbs,” or out in the country, there is likely a place in your inventory for a trendy city vibe created by the Black Forever collection.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.

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