SD Eyes, the new incarnation of Silver Dollar Optical, ushers in Café Boutique for value-priced product with personality.

Eyecare professionals have been able to count on SD Eyes-formerly known as Silver Dollar Optical-for its value-oriented frames since 1982. The first wave of change occurred in 2004 when the company expanded its reach to the women’s market with the introduction of Café Lunettes. This line features clean and classic designs in sellable shapes that appealed to the “working woman” demographic.

A second wave swept in 2015 when SD Eyes recognized that while this line had gained a lot of traction, basic designs were no longer enough, according to Dan Bliss, president. So, Café Boutique was developed as an extension of Café Lunettes expressly to meet a fashion need. This collection added bling and personality to create variations on the frame designs so many female wearers had grown to love. The collection combines the highest quality materials and construction to create a look of refined elegance.

Many of the 40 styles employ Mazzuchelli zyl, which is produced from natural cotton fibers and then handcrafted for color and design, creating sophisticated color options. In addition to traditional black and tortoise, there’s marbled burgundy and rich color combinations with greens and browns. Some designs offer Swarovski stones, while others feature artistic metal trim pieces. Each frame in the collection comes with an engraved, champagne-colored case.

These frames exude the same elegance as their designer label counterparts but without the higher cost, according to Dave Lewis, sales manager/director of business development. “Café Boutique continues to build on its strength of investment in materials and design rather than licensing,” he stated. Opticians can be very influential in the frame selection process, according to Lewis, and SD Eyes believes in educating the dispenser with the attributes and benefits of their product in order to pass that message on to the patient.

Joy L. Gibb, ABOC, is the lead optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, UT.


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