Trivex material offers kids the protection they need in their eyewear.

Trivex material provides crisp, clear vision, with lightweight comfort, unsurpassed strength, and consistent protection. Perfect vision is fundamental for children because their eyes are still developing. All school-age children need the best vision possible to make school work easier and playtime more enjoyable.

In addition to UV protection, Trivex material provides impact and breakage resistance with improved durability compared to other plastic lenses.Trivex material lenses are available from lens manufacturers and optical laboratories worldwide: Younger Optics; HOYA Vision Care, North America; Essilor of America, Inc.; Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.; X-Cel Optical Co.; Shamir Insight, Inc.; Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc.; Younger’s NuPolar polarized lenses, NXT sun lenses; Signet Armorlite, Inc.; Augen Optics; and Transitions Optical, Inc.

Children need sharp, precise vision for everything they do. Their active lives call for impact- resistance lenses with 100% UV protection too. How well their eyeglasses perform depends very much on the lens material recommended by an ECP.

Recent PPG Industries, Inc. research confirms the ECPs could play a greater role in parent education. For example, only 41% of respondents said they were very satisfied with the amount of education their ECP provided their child about the proper way to care for their eyeglasses.

Parents will appreciate Trivex material’s ultra light weight so their childrens’ eyeglasses will be comfortable for all-day wear. For even more protection, Trivex material combined with Transitions lenses can guarantee the best result in children’s everyday lenses.

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