Bellinger House has been producing fine-quality, handmade frames in Denmark since 2003. The Blac collection, a high-end carbon fiber ophthalmic and sunglass line, was introduced five years later. Each model goes through an extensive production process—all in the same building—and the result is a distinctive, one-of-a-kind frame at the end.

A truly innovative line, Blac frames are made from carbon fiber. The fronts are full carbon fiber while the temples are titanium-reinforced carbon fiber, which makes them lightweight, strong, and adjustable. The company claims this is so revolutionary that it holds patents in the U.S. and China. Blac consists of four collections, each offering choices for women and men.

Inspired by the surf world, Blac’s full-carbon fiber line, the Stormriders, has 13 styles that feature shapes and materials of surfboards and designs. Bellinger House chooses the best wildest spots around the globe for the frame names. A soft square shape with a thin front, the gap in the temporal front of Banzai is so sleek that both women and men will look great in it.

The 55 models in Blac Titanium are made from minimalistic titanium with a carbon fiber surface. Villeneuve is a semi-rimless men’s frame that combines a smooth titanium front that is not too thick or too thin. The carbon-fiber temple sweeps back in a library-temple style for a comfortable fit. This semi-rimless model sports a soft rectangle shape.

With 48 pieces, Blac+ has 3D lasered fronts, giving these frames a unique raw textured look. The frames are made with a unique process that uses Selective Laser Sintering which employs a high-powered laser to melt the powdered material into three dimensions. The laser contacts the powder bed and it raises the material to a layer of 0.12mm. The process is repeated until the look is achieved.

+13 has a hip-looking, off-round front made from PP22 (a nylon composite) that offers eight different nosepads for extra comfort. Its four-rivet temple connection makes the carbon temple really look sharp. It’s Bellinger House’s take on the classic P3 shape using a PP22 front with carbon-fiber temples.

Twenty styles make up Blac Shades, Blac’s sunwear line. Each pair of Carl Zeiss lenses filters out 100% UV and at least 83% of blue light and has a hydrophobic finish for easy cleaning. Lenses available for each style vary from mirrors to gradient tints.

A modified pilot shape in a PP22 front with carbon fiber temples, +20 has a large eyesize with a double-barrel bridge and is available with eight different nosepads.

Beautiful hanging fabric banners and a dispensing mat made of raw carbon fiber that comes with a piece of scrap frame are available to showcase the collections. There’s also a new display stand, a huge cleaning cloth, and a richly illustrated coffee-table book about the Blac history and its production processes.

If your practice is thinking of bringing in a high-end line, Bellinger House will take care of all your needs.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.

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