many people aspire to be a part of meaningful change, not many get that chance. After all, being part of meaningful change means being able to spot the opportunity, or even to create it. When that opportunity arises, you have to become involved; you can’t change things by sitting on the sidelines. When that opportunity becomes available in a profession, you have to seize it or be content to let someone else determine the course of the future. For opticianry, that time seems to have come.

Last year in early May, an Opticianry Summit was held in Fairfax, VA. This event brought together 60 stakeholders in the opticianry community to create a shared vision for the profession and a practical strategic plan along with a commitment to action. That plan became the agenda for work over the next few years. The Summit’s goals included a branding campaign for opticianry with components for both opticians and consumers. An opticianry study is also planned that will attempt to identify potential benefits that opticians bring to consumers and businesses. The outcome of this project is intended to offer insights into ways to provide better eyecare for patients, grow business results, and aid in providing consistency in the development of opticians. A collaboration group has also formed that is tasked with finding ways for all opticianry organizations to work together more effectively. There’s a team working on managed care issues as they affect opticianry and how opticianry should prepare and respond to future health care needs.

Now that this groundwork has been established, it’s time for every optician to have a voice in the dialogue. In order to do this, a Webinar will be held in May. During this event, a team comprised of opticians who have been leading the Summit’s work the last 12 months will report on the progress that has been made and provide an opportunity for those in attendance to ask questions and have their voice heard. To make the Webinar as accessible to every optician as possible, the Webinar will be repeated three times. Here are the dates and times:

  • Wednesday, May 15 at 10pm EST
  • Thursday, May 16 at 7pm EST
  • Saturday, May 18 at 12pm EST

Register at by clicking on the “Mini Summit” link and then choosing the Webinar you wish to attend.

This is your opportunity to be part of meaningful change. It doesn’t come often, so be a part of it by joining one of the Webinars and make your voice heard.

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