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With the ever-increasing reliance on digital devices and screens, savvy ECPs should recommend lenses to REDUCE Eyestrain

The frequency of digital device usage places heavy demands on patients’ near and intermediate vision. It’s the main cause of digital eyestrain, a condition that is becoming increasingly problematic in the U.S.

There are two main solutions to relieving the symptoms of digital eyestrain. One tactic is to reduce the use of the device(s) causing the problem by looking away from the screen at 20-minute intervals for 20 seconds at an object 20 ft. away. Most people find this impractical since they are paid to work on these devices and feel they can’t interrupt their workflow with intermittent breaks. The second solution is to use lenses that supply relief.

There are several lenses on the market that relieve the symptoms of digital eyestrain for the non-prescription set, although nearly all of them are sold in Rx too. Most of these lenses are progressive in design and have a mild plus addition, usually in the 0.600D to 0.800D range. This slight boost in power relaxes accommodation.

An early leader in this arena, GUNNAR Optiks worked closely with a team of eye doctors to make lenses for stock brokers who spent many hours a day staring at multiple screens while following the global markets. As anyone who uses a computer for more than three hours would benefit from GUNNAR’s lens technology, the brand was quickly adopted by the gaming community. Gamers stare intently at their screens, causing their blink rates to plummet, which may result in dry eye symptoms, headaches, neck pain, and more. These are the exact symptoms reported by people who use computers and/or handheld digital devices for hours on end. GUNNAR’s lenses have a patented amber tint and a mild plus power addition, as well as a host of other features intended to make computer use, gaming, and digital device use comfortable and safer.

The old single-vision lens market heads in a new direction with HOYA Vision Care, North America’s Sync lenses. HOYA provides two choices in this lens category, Sync 5 and Sync 8, each with a mild plus power boost. The Sync 5 lens adds 0.53D and is geared toward young adults, students, etc. The Sync 8 lens adds 0.88D and is intended for early presbyopes. These lenses will be approved for third-party use in July.

A good fit for this market is the Essilor Anti-Fatigue lens by Essilor of America, Inc. This innovative, progressive optics replacement for the standard single-vision lens has a 0.60D power boost at the bottom.

A unique solution for this demographic is Eyenavision, Inc.’s patented Chemistrie Blue custom-made magnetic lens layers, which offer on-demand protection from harmful digital blue light. Chemistrie Blue layers can be produced in a lab, or in any office containing a compatible edger with drilling capabilities, to precisely match the patient’s existing prescription eyewear and stay securely in place. Chemistrie Blue utilizes a special AR coating over clear lenses to reflect a portion of the high-energy visible (HEV) light emitted by computers and other digital devices. It is available in both plano and intermediate-distance powers to provide patients with the added power they need for comfort.

Another clever way of providing additional plus power is through the adjustable focus eyewear sold by Adlens USA, Inc. The Adlens Interface filters out HEV light to reduce eyestrain and improve contrast. This eyewear covers a range of 9.00D that can be adjusted by the user via turning a control dial near the temple of the frame.

It should be noted that most of these lenses also provide additional benefits, such as 100% UV absorption, blue light elimination, anti-reflective treatment, and tints.

In a world saturated with digital screens, you must rethink the way you recommend lenses to your patients. As people’s visual demands change, so should our recommendations for eyewear to meet their needs. The lenses covered here represent a new category and one you should be giving serious consideration to in the digital age.

Ed De Gennaro is Director, Professional Content of First Vision Media Group.


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