Looking to simplify design, Ørgreen’s Quantum collection’s hinge is undeniably high-tech.

Two years in development and almost one year to produce, Ørgreen’s Quantum collection was born from the idea that simple is better—and so came a virtually hidden hinge in this collection of 21 men’s, women’s and unisex models.

“We believe that if we can have less components, less things would break,” said Tobias Wandrup, Ørgreen’s head of design. “By functionality comes beauty.”

In re-thinking frames of fewer parts, Ørgreen devised a hinge composed of a sphere inserted into the frame front of the same color as the temple. The sphere keeps the frame light while still allowing for easy adjustments. “It stays true to our brand,” Wandrup explained. “Simple shapes, subtle details and discrete functionality.”

To create this unique design, a secret “puzzle piece” is mounted in the hinge system where the lens is secured by pressing it into place. The need for such a precise fit prompted the use of polyamide instead of titanium or beta-titanium, frame materials for which the company is known. Lightweight and flexible, polyamide “has the extra advantage of small enough tolerances for our new hinge mechanism,” Wandrup said.

Frame shapes of round, panto and square in more than 120 color combinations create a collection that can appeal to a broad range of tastes and personal style.

“The Quantum collection is the culmination of our work exploring, experimenting and our extensive fine-tuning,” said founder Henrik Ørgreen. “It reflects our pioneering spirit and ongoing pursuit of new ideas.”

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