Coburn’s new Simplicity Coating System is compact and simple to use.

The Simplicity Coating System from Coburn Technologies, Inc. is a compact three-in-one unit that combines a wash station, coating station, and UV cure station. It is a fully enclosed coater that is designed to reduce possible defects during the coating process with the inclusion of its own cure oven. By being completely closed off from the surrounding environment, it prevents debris in the air from getting onto the lens. It has a user-friendly touch screen with simple controls and adjustments for ease of use in a retail or wholesale lab environment. The removable coating module allows the Simplicity to easily change between tintable and non-tintable coatings. It is also easily cleaned and maintained.

Coburn is selling the Simplicity coater to both retail and wholesale labs. For those retail labs that are looking to add coating in-house, its small footprint and completely automated three-station operation is ideal for limited spaces. The Simplicity is also a good option for wholesale labs that want a specialty coater for non-tintable coating for anti-reflective treatments. The programmable controller includes multiple recipes to allow for faster and easier coating changes.

Coburn’s customers reported an average yield rate of 98% when using the fast curing tintable UVMAX coating or non-tintable UVAR coating with the Simplicity. Both coatings feature excellent adhesion, low viscosity, great coating stability, and a special bonding chemical formulation with unique UV/thermal hybrid chemistry that ensures the best coating adhesion to all lens substrates including CR-39, polycarbonate, Trivex material, 1.56, and high-index. If you’re looking to simplify how you do your backside coatings, look no further than the Simplicity Coating System from Coburn.


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