Today’s PM software manages patients while analyzing sales, KPIs and other metrics, measuring your practice’s success to increase cash flow while improving patient care.

For eyecare professionals who want to upgrade their practice management software, or for those who haven’t yet experienced their benefits and need to install it for the first time, here are the latest updates.

To engage patients via mobile devices, Eyecare Advantage from Compulink has added a mobile patient engagement app that allows for delivery of personalized content by text message.

Content can be targeted based on the patient’s appointment type and diagnosis. The app can also be used to market products and services, along with delivering patient education. Surveys can even be sent to patients’ phones with feedback collected and automatically brought back into Advantage for analysis.

“We’ve developed patient engagement technology that’s unique in a couple of important ways,” said Link Wilson, CEO and founder of Compulink. “First, it allows providers to engage directly with the patient’s mobile phone via text and without requiring an app download. Secondly, it’s integrated with our software to allow providers to send content specific to the patients’ needs and in real time while they are in the office. We think this is going to open up the channel for providers to communicate with patients in ways they have not been able to before.”

Additional features include electronic health records, practice management, optical point-of-sale and inventory management, revenue cycle management, analytics, patient engagement, telehealth and audit protection.

Patient engagement features have been added to Eyefinity’s PM practice management software to retain and service patients while helping practices grow. Added features include online integrated appointment scheduling, which allows patients to visit practice websites and scan and book an appointment from available openings.

Eyewear-ready patient notifications as well as automated appointment recall alerts and reminders can be sent via SMS text messages, email or automated voice messaging, depending on the preference originally entered by the patient. Customer satisfaction surveys can also be linked. All displays are mobile optimized depending on whatever device the patient is using, and all data are stored in the Amazon cloud.

Just launched at Vision Expo East, the Eyefinity kiosk application enables new patients to enter their information via iPad in the waiting room. Patients access the “electronic clipboard” simply by entering their last name and date of birth. They can then securely and efficiently enter their personal information and health history, sign consent forms, select their pharmacy via Google Maps. Then all of this data automatically populates in the EHR. Both the patient experience and staff efficiency are improved.

Users of GPN Technologies’ EDGEPro platform will now have access to expanded data and reporting for contact lens sales on the new contact lens dashboard, an upgraded transaction report and a compare-my-practice tool known as EDGEPro Rankings.

The contact lens dashboard presents an overview of year-supply sales, shares by manufacturer, specific brand performance and percentage of dailies. Users can drill down and examine individual records and component data to isolate and proactively capitalize on contact lens product sales. “The contact lens dashboard offers information that is unavailable anywhere else in the industry,” said president and CEO Ed Buffington. “It’s information that practitioners really need and have wanted for a very long time.”

With EDGEPro Rankings, users can compare their key performance indicators against real-time national rankings drawn from the performance benchmarks of thousands of practice locations that subscribe to EDGEPro. Users can choose what group they measure against such as geographic regions or membership affiliation.

Enhanced transaction reports enable users to drill down into individual transactions and examine the critical particulars of each patient interaction on-demand. Departmental revenue is clearly organized on the overview list, charges are shown separately from payments, and third party payments are clearly broken out.

Smartflow, launched in RevolutionEHR in 2017, provides users with the option of ordering directly from suppliers. Contact lens, eyeglass lens and frame order details are entered once, and then SmartFlow takes over, instantly submitting the order directly to the product supplier. As the order moves its way through the supply chain, real-time order status and tracking are automatically updated within RevolutionEHR.

For quick and easy access to optical order summaries and status, the RevolutionEHR Orders Dashboard provides an organized and sortable view of both trial and box orders that includes new, approved, transmitted, vendor shipped, received and verified orders for eyeglasses, frames only and contact lenses.

Orders are analyzed, along with other practice data, by Pulse, the practice performance dashboard in RevolutionEHR. Pulse can instantly track key performance indicators, analyze and explore trends, and compare performance metrics across all areas of the practice, including capture rates for contact lenses, anti-reflective treatments and eyeglasses. It can also analyze accounts receivable, receipts, percent booking of your schedule and patient demographics.

By combining store and web activity, Ocuco’s Acuitas Enterprise software gives the eyecare professional a unified view of the patient’s journey. This omnichannel solution integrates the patient’s in-store and online transactions, providing a fully integrated “bricks and clicks” ecommerce solution with online booking. Integrated customer relationship management tools, dispensing aids and fulfillment tracking streamline the processes accomplished using this software. Product, pricing, promotions and commissions are centrally managed, while visually strong business intelligence dashboards “make big data little.”

In addition, this software also integrates with your electronic medical records by incorporating data and images from your diagnostic equipment. A true enterprise application, Ocuco’s Acuitas Enterprise software has no scaling limitations and provides central continuity of brand and consistency of process across multiple applications.

Users can access the “Find Mode” feature from almost any screen and field in MaximEyes from First Insight. Advanced finds and data mining tools within MaximEyes PMS help you narrow results to search, review and export data for optical order tracking, production rates, inventory and more. Customized reports can be created for a specific search criterion.

With VSP integration and calculator, one click shows your patient’s out-of-pocket expenses and coverage. Electronically submit authorizations and claims directly to VSP without re-entering data on the VSP website. Use VSP’s catalog of lens options to create and submit VSP lab orders as part of the claim. Calculate the insurance amount your patient owes before transferring charges to billing, and quickly reconcile and post VSP payments. Generate patient history and savings statement reports inside the Report Viewer with convenient navigational buttons. “The VSP calculator instantly lets us know what the patient owes on glasses or a contact lens order. Now it takes us a few seconds to calculate charges,” said Jay Henry, OD, MS, of Hermann & Henry Eyecare in Pickerington, OH.

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