Just like there’s apparel for every kind of sport, there’s a sunglass too. And who better to wear them and promote their benefits than professional athletes? From bass fishing to cycling to golfing to running to snowboarding, these pros know what it takes to be the leaders in their sport. Ergonomic designs help with speed and venting with fog; wrap shapes protect the eyes from wind and debris; and silicone nosepads and endpieces prevent slippage during that all-important race. Today’s sports performance sunwear is also more visually appealing as seen below on some of the world’s best-known athletes.

(A) Kimmy Fasani, Snowboarder, Fargo Blue Crush • Zeal Optics • 888-454-9325 • (B) Hunter Mahan, Golfer, Fire • Under Armour Fire • Eyeking LLC • 866-393-5464 • (C) Randy Howell, Bass Angler, Stringer • Costa • 800-447-3700 • (D) Matt Kuchar , Golfer, Lighthouse • Maui Jim, Inc. • 888-MAUI JIM • (E) Vincenzo Nibali, cyclist, Tour de France Radarlock Path • Oakley, Inc. • 800-733-6255 • (F) Timo Bracht, Triathlete, Agon • Rudy Project North America • 888-860-7597 • (G) Shalane Flanagan, Runner, Nike Vision Run • Marchon Eyewear • 800-645-1300 • (H) Edwin Evers, Bass Angler, Wiley X, Inc. • AirRage • 800-776-7842 • (I) Jonathan Page, Cyclist, Daft • SPY, Inc. • 800-779-3937 • (J) Don Mattingly, Baseball Coach, Jetty • Kaenon • 866-KAENON-1 • (K) Trevor Wurtele, Triathlete, PivLock Overdrive • Smith Optics • 800-635-4401 • (L) Jean-Christophe Peraud, Cyclist, 6th Sense • Bollé • 800-222-6553 •

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