Most people in the U.S. know that BMW makes ‘foreign’ cars and that the automobiles are made for performance and comfort, function and fashion, and are a bit pricey. The cars and their drivers live in the fast lane and evoke an air of sleek and chic. Aspex Eyewear has acquired the license to manufacture and distribute ophthalmic frames and sunwear under the BMW brand in the Western Hemisphere.

Consistent with the brand’s distinguished reputation, BMW eyewear is custom-made from the highest-quality materials, such as titanium, stainless steel, acetate, and NXT. Created to reflect form and function, the frames feature integrated spring hinges, providing additional flexibility and durability. Of the ophthalmic models, three are acetate, three are metal, and six are combination with metal fronts and acetate temples. The frames offer elegant and refined colors and each has the BMW logo laser-engraved discreetly on the temples. In the sunwear line, four have a front shield, two are combination, two are plastic, one is nylon, two are titanium, and one is stainless steel. The sunglasses have polarized lenses in designs that include shield fronts, retro aviators, and bold wraparounds.


Style No. 6001 is the trendy “geek chic” style that has the classic bold bookish look with thick temples so reminiscent of frames from the Buddy Holly, Mel Cooley days. The semi-rimless Style No. 6009 is a rectangular shape. Its metal front has a sharp angular nasal cut and the temples are double-laminate acetate with spring hinges. This frame is classy, metrosexual, and suitable for daytime and evening wear. Also boasting a sharp angular shape, Style No. 6010 features a full metal front and acetate temples with spring hinges. The temples are thick with colorful triple lamination forming a two-color striped design along the length of the temple. This frame is casual and fun and ready to head out at a moment’s notice.

Harking back to the classic wayfarer days, Style No. 6511 is complete with hidden hinge front studs and sun lenses. On closer inspection, however, you see that the entire front-lenses and frame-is made of an NXT shield, adding to it’s durability. Style No. 6510 has a unique stainless steel aviator front and acetate TurboFlex temples. The front flips (folds) at the hinge to flatten the frame when the temples are folded to create a smaller “footprint” and a more convenient traveling companion.

Merchandising materials include a floor tower display for 12 frames and a counter display for eight frames; and countercards, banners, and nameplates with the BMW logo. Each frame comes with a white box case displaying the BMW metal-plated logo and a soft pouch with an embossed logo.

For generations, the BMW brand has been synonymous with quality, performance, innovation, and artisanship. Aspex shares that passion for precision and execution and incorporates the very best design elements and technology into every frame in the collection.

Dee Carew is a licensed optician and optometric tech at Maumee Center for Eye Care in Maumee, OH.



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