Arnette was founded in 1992 in the humble surroundings of a one-car garage in Orange County, CA. Fueled by outdoor-friendly, sporty styling that beckons both the waves and the mountains, Arnette is best known for offering sunglasses that express the carefree, fun-loving attitude and laid-back California vibe that its creators possess. The company decided to branch out to the Rx market and recently premiered an ophthalmic line, first in Europe, South America, and Australia, and now in North America.

Inspired by the world of independent music, Arnette has carried its fashion-forward yet sporty sunglass styling to the world of Rx eyewear. The collection consists of nine unisex frames and multiple distinctive colorways. Arnette has also thoughtfully designed each frame to come in two different sizes. With just nine styles, Arnette’s size options and colors satisfy a multitude of fits and style preferences while staying true to the brand’s California aesthetic. Progressive-friendly rectangles and “almost-hipster” square shapes will appeal to everyone from tweens to Baby Boomers.

With a thin acetate gauge and subtle keyhole bridge, oversized Holly is a frame that is perfectly on-trend. A classic square frame, Mixer is a little rounder at the edges and not completely straight at the brow; it’s a great candidate for a progressive lens wearer or a hip teen. Fashionable colors will make Mixer hard to keep in stock.

Like Mixer, Roadie and Frontman are easy sellers and make good go-to options for both women and men. The Roadie comes in layered transparent colorways and the Frontman in more classic colors. The two styles fulfill the laid-back yet fun aesthetic of the Arnette brand and are flattering and current.

Another model inspired by independent musicians and the same “Cali” flair you have come to expect from Arnette sunglasses, the Dub frame takes a bolder approach than its counterparts. A straight brow and thick temples define this model and its unique color options make it distinct. A great choice for photochromic lenses, this frame makes a statement and would be equally cool with light or dark lenses.

Optical retailers will have everything they need to promote the Arnette Optical Collection. With customizable frame boards, dispensing mats, header plaques, and product information easels, Arnette’s point-of-purchase materials help you grab attention and match the energy of the brand’s target demographic.

In addition, an ophthalmic-specific ad campaign involving musicians and personalities from the action sports world will help capture eyeglass wearers who hope to exhibit a sporty and easy-going vibe.

Arnette has successfully translated its sun-wear perspective into ophthalmic offerings that not only identify with their demographic, but successfully fulfill the needs of prospective patients as well. With multiple size options, numerous colorways, and unisex models, Arnette has melded passion with knowledge to create a collection that embodies its brand and is easily sellable.

Sarah Hobbs is a fashion blogger and certified optician at Insight Complete Eye Care in Dallas, TX.


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