Your patients and practice will benefit from these six apps for phone or tablet.

Fun fact: Apple has trademarked the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” Pretty smart because these days there is an app for just about anything you can imagine. Your patients turn to apps to make their lives easier, learn something new, and find new products and services. Here are six apps for both you and your patients.


With people fixated on computer screens for hours at a time these days, most eyecare professionals (ECPs) recommend to their patients to take an occasional visual break. This app by Johnny Ixe at XVision reminds them to do that. Many ECPs encourage tech users to follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. The EyeCare app encourages patients to do this by setting up alarms to remind them to get away from their screen.


The i.Demo from Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. is designed to help patients choose the best lenses and treatments for their eyeglass needs based on their lifestyles. Through easy-to-understand images, i.Demo shows the visual benefits of customized vs. standard lenses. It includes lens categories such as computer and office lenses along with lens treatments such as anti-reflective (AR). Zeiss account holders can download the i.Demo app to their iPads for free from the Apple iTunes app store.

LensFerry S

LensFerry S is a subscription service designed to increase your 1-day lens sales and provide your patients with a convenient way to order contact lenses from your practice. Brought to you from EyeCare Prime (a CooperVision company), LensFerry S allows your patients to make smaller month-to-month payments for 1-day lenses and receive convenient quarterly shipments of lenses directly to their door. They’ll receive the 1-day lenses they require, and you’ll have reccurring revenue that you can count on.


This app from VSP is dubbed the Virtual Optical Assistant because it provides many tools to streamline tasks in the dispensary. It has modules for patient check-in, accurate optical measurements, vision screening and virtual frame styling. It even demonstrates the benefits of lens enhancements such as AR and polarized lenses.

Smart Mirror

If you are looking for accuracy in optical measurements and lens demonstration, check out the Smart Mirror from ABS Inc. When you enter the patient’s lens prescription into the app, it will allow you to visually compare, for example, a regular CR-39 lens to a high-index lens in high-definition 3D. The app will also allow you to demonstrate the visual effects of a lined bifocal vs. a progressive lens while viewing several different real-life background scenes or see it with augmented reality.

Spectangle Pro

The Spectangle Pro is compatible with an iPad 3 (equipped with a special case) along with the EY-Stick frame reference tool. This system can assist opticians with about every facet of the eyewear dispensing process, including frame selection (using virtual try-on technology), lens demonstration and eyewear measurements.

For more eyecare or vision-related apps, go to the Apple iTunes apps store or the Google Play apps store while using your mobile device and search for eyecare or vision. You’ll be surprised at the number of available apps that are inexpensive, educational and can be a boon to your practice.

Bob Main, ABOM, FNAO, is an optical industry veteran with over 35 years’ experience in eyecare, where he currently consults on business development.


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