THE EYE BROWSER The Eye Browser, by First Vision Media Group, is a virtual “try-on” app for patients searching for eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Patients have a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, or brands to select from—all from the comfort of their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch, or Android. With a consumer-friendly, easy-to-navigate, fun design, the five-star rated app allows patients to take a photo, upload a photo, or alternatively utilize one of a selection of models and build their own personal “Eyewear Wardrobe” by saving their favorite eyewear photos. Patients can then share their favorites on Facebook or Tweet their actual image to get feedback from friends and family. Once patients find a style they like, they simply enter a zip code to find retail locations near them that offer the frames.

Grab your smartphone and start tapping: office proficiency and better time management can be handled from the palm of your hand.

It used to be you’d hear the word “apps” and think of appetizers. Today, however, there’s a whole new lingo—and a whole new world—thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. These devices have transformed how we communicate and share information, and that includes the use of eye-related applications, many of which promise to aid profitability and enhance practice management.

Think about it: With the right app you can access your patient database while on the road, set up office visit reminders and other business news (an upcoming trunk show, perhaps?), and then, while in the office, engage your patient in conversation without leaving the room to search through files or piles of paper to get her query answered. A quick swipe across your tablet not only showcases your foothold in the most up-to-date technology (no doubt impressing the person in the chair), it makes your organization look that much more efficient. Are you familiar with the following apps? If not, use your fingertips to start tapping.

This app, by the creator of Eye Dock (see “EyeDock,” below), has all the contact lens-related tools of the EyeDock app (calculators, oblique cross cylinders, vertexing, keratometry conversions), but not the contact lens parameter database. Think of it as “EyeDock Lite.” Eyecare professionals (ECPs) like its ease of use, onscreen keypad, and oblique cylinder over-refraction tool. It does not require an EyeDock subscription.
Works On: Apple iPhone®, iPod touch, and iPad®; requires iOS 3.0 or later
Get Plugged In: $4.99

Eyemaginations’ ECHO is a new cloud-based software solution that allows ECPs to communicate with patients from any Internet-based device. Designed to reach patients everywhere they’re thinking about their health, ECHO allows the user to share presentations with patients before the appointment, in the waiting room, in the exam room, and after the appointment. With a vast library of peer-reviewed medical content available, users can track patients’ viewing habits and share anywhere with a simple link.
Works On: iPhone, iPad, and Android
Get Plugged In: Free, but you must be an Eyemaginations client

The EyeDock app is an iPhone companion to, a clinical reference for ECPs.


The EyeDock app is an iPhone companion to
, a clinical reference for ECPs which features a searchable contact lens and ocular pharmaceuticals database, calculators that streamline prescribing contact lenses, ICD-9 lookup, and more. Contact lenses can be searched by name, company, and parameters (including lens type, power, dk, diameter, water content, EW, and replacement schedule); medications can be searched by trade name, generic name, manufacturer, type, and more.
Works On: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; requires iOS 3.0 or later
Get Plugged In: Free; though you need to be an member; $43 a year

Reorder reminders, eye exam reminders, and appointment scheduling are some of the features of EyeXam by Global EyeVentures.

Connectivity and sociability define EyeXam, a one-stop eyecare management system by Global EyeVentures which connects ECPs to their patients. Patients can take a fun vision screening test, locate ECPs through the doctor directory (more than 28,000 are listed), make appointments with an office, and chat with providers in real time. Reorder reminders, eye exam reminders, and appointment scheduling are other features as is benefits tracking. ECPs can also prescribe certain features of the EyeXam app to their patients for ongoing vision monitoring.
Works On: Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) devices
Get Plugged In: Free

MacPractice iEHR facilitates medication reconciliation, clinical decision support, and patient and account alerts.

Think of this as your portable electronic records solution. Incorporated as part of MacPractice desktop practice management and clinical software, this app places the capability of clinical data acquisition and organization in the palm of your hand. Demographic and clinical information entered by your patients into MacPractice Clipboard 4.2 is pulled into iEHR templates to create specialty narratives with the tap of your finger.
Works On: iPad 2 and iPad 3
Get Plugged In: Free

Looking to better manage patient flow, increase productivity, improve patient experience, and boost profits? The new ODLean Patient Experience app, part of The Vision Care Institute, is a diagnostic tool that allows eyecare practices to see in real time where there are bottlenecks, and immediately make changes that will improve flow and efficiency. The application sends data to a web portal on where subscribers can access their metrics.
Works On: iPhone, iPad
Get Plugged In: Free to paying subscribers later this year (for best results, search for the application by its complete title in the iTunes® Store)

Optikam Tech’s new OptikamPad app is based on the Optikam EY-stick technology.

Optikam Tech’s new OptikamPad is designed to increase your profitability and streamline your business. Its four modules aid in all areas of your dispensary including measurements, lens demos, frame selection, and augmented reality. The app is based on the Optikam EY-stick technology which captures all measurements with one single frontal image. Thanks to the app’s cloud services, you can review processes from anywhere you are.
Works On: iPad
Get Plugged In: Free, but you need to have the encloser kit ($2,995)

VSP’s virtual optical assistant, which stands for “one touch to optical“, streamlines and automates key processes including patient check-in and care, patient vision screening, insurance eligibility, as well a “otto-mated” measurements like pupil distance and segment height. With the ottobox plug-in attached to the iPad, ECPs can take photos of their patients wearing a new frame, and, with the swipe of a finger, otto can automatically calculate frame wrap, pantoscopic tilt, and back vertex distance.
Works On: iPad2 or iPad3
Get Plugged In: Starts at $99.95/month with a bundled discount to OfficeMate®/ExamWRITER®/Acuity Logic of $29.95/month

COMING SOON: Eyefinity is launching an industry-leading app this summer specifically tailored for practice management. Go to to sign up for information.

The VisionWeb app allows ECPs to keep up with spectacle lens, contact lens, and frame orders while out of the office, without having to log onto the full VisionWeb site. Users have access to the latest order status information as well as convenient search and filter options. ECPs can also review archived orders and check pending orders before they’re sent to the lab.
Works on: Apple and Android devices
Get Plugged In: Free

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