Effortlessly chic, neubau eyewear caters to Millennials with its edgy, creative and highly personal gestalt.

Think Brooklyn, NY, San Francisco, Toronto and Amsterdam. Cities teeming with fresh design talent, unique music and bold art. In this spirit comes neubau eyewear, which channels the creative energy of Neubau, the 7th district in Vienna, Austria. The brand proves that there is always room for new optical design concepts. Striking colors, including bold, fresh metallics and seriously cool silhouettes will make it a challenge for your patients to choose only one. The 12 ophthalmics in six colors deliver a contemporary interpretation of classic designs with a clear focus on a perfect fit. And yes, a sunwear line is right around the corner, debuting next month.

The Neubau district is a breeding ground for innovative and challenging ideas, from fashion to music to contemporary arts. “This is where we get our inspiration from; neubau eyewear is meant as homage to all these creative neighborhoods, those buzzing trendsetting quarters in all metropolitan areas out there,” explained Daniel Liktor, head of the business unit for neubau eyewear. “By combining contemporary design and innovative details with a unique story, we’re able to bring something fresh and new into the eyewear market.”

Part of the story revolves around the style monikers themselves; each one is named after a production department employee, demonstrating the company’s passion for the people who make the products. For men, Georg is a masculine model inspired by urban subculture. These lightweight Polymere square frames contrast with a perfectly curved top line. Simon’s classic design with a gentle dip around the brows harmonizes perfectly with most men’s eyebrow contours. It provides an uncomplicated yet cutting-edge style. Ben uses a mix of proprietary materials for the bridge and temples for an edgy style that’s smooth, curvy and subtle. Then there’s Robert, a stylish stainless steel frame with a striking temple design in colors such as eclectic silver or morning coffee.

For women, there are gorgeous choices made from lightweight Polymere. The smart and sophisticated Rosa offers just the right hint of cat eye, which will flatter small- and medium-sized faces. In fun colors such as ocean teal, Rosa suits those seeking a feminine look with subtle grace. Isabella’s feminine design will appeal to those seeking a sensible pair of glasses but who aren’t afraid to stand out, especially in lipstick red and psychedelic tortoise. Linda offers a modern take on the classic cat eye.

The three unisex designs comprise Patrick, Paul and Leo. Patrick oozes classy charm and mixes a tight radius with nearly straight lines and a classic keyhole bridge. The stainless steel Paul boasts a modern twist on a classic shape, ideal for those who want to make an immediate impression. Also stainless steel, the rounded rectangular Leo comes in hues such as glorious gold. Depending on the color and size, it can take on a masculine or feminine character.

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