Going ‘unbranded’ is one way for independent eyecare professionals to differentiate
their product offering while simultaneously benefiting their bottom line.

Danville Eye Center changed the conversation from discussing lens brands to simply explaining the features and benefits of lenses in general when they installed Super Optical’s FastGrind system. Not only did this simplify the lens-selection process, but by producing lenses in-house the optical practice was also able to save the money it had previously spent outsourcing.

By dropping brands from the lens conversation, the practice’s opticians could then instead discuss single vision, bifocals and progressive lenses, as well as the differences between clear and AR, photochromic and traditional sunglasses.

Super Systems FastGrind in-house lab is a self-contained lens-surfacing system that fits within a 2- x 2-foot space. It can surface a pair of lenses in 12 minutes. The machine requires only standard electric, water and a drain. A recirculation option can be used when water and a drain are not available.

Using just one FastGrind system, Danville Eye Center lab manager Denise Wilson produces all the lenses required for the practice’s headquarters in Danville, KY, plus three satellite offices (except those that managed vision care requires be produced elsewhere).

“When a prescription comes in it simply specifies either progressive, bifocal or single vision along with any additional lens features the patient requested,” Wilson said. “The ADDvantage Plus progressive is offered in long and short corridor along with photochromic and AR options. The ADDvantage Plus lens is the same quality as any of the premier name brand designs we receive from our lab . . . but at a fraction of the cost.”

Practice manager Misty Campbell estimates that about 80% of jobs are completed on the FastGrind system. She’s confident that with the “unbranded” lenses produced in-house that they are able to provide their patients with the quality they need without even discussing lens brands. “Very rarely do we have a patient who has a lens preference,” she told VCPN, “and we know that the FastGrind quality is good, otherwise we wouldn’t put our name anywhere near it in a small town.”

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