By using vacuum suction to hold lenses in place rather than any blocking device the MEI EZFit NoBlock eliminates the use of finishing blocks, leap pads or lens protective films to bring dry-cut milling technology to optical shops and small labs. Labor costs and lens defects are reduced by eliminating lens blocking and deblocking. The NoBlock module can work in two­ ways-continuous operation to maximize productivity or single pair to sequentially shape both lenses without the operator’s intervention. A precise focometer is also included.


The NoBlock lens loading system reads single vision, every kind of bifocal segment, and progressive lenses, and it combines the centering and loading operations to avoid the use of any block device.

The lens is held in place using vacuum suction after being manually placed on the loading arm. The system is able to properly load the lenses thanks to the lensometer and the engravings capture system.

The second lens is automatically inspected and loaded while the first lens is being edged, dramatically reducing the overall cycle time.

MEI’s new EYEGOAL easy-to-use software’s intuitive interface enables you to create jobs faster.

A smart bevel function automatically adjusts bevel position according to frame base and varying thicknesses of lenses.

The Job Viewer Track monitors the machine’s productivity, alarm history and specific job history.

Integration with the lab includes interfacing with any lens/frame tracer, communicating via OMA through any lab management system, operating using Windows7 and connecting remotely for support through an internet connection.

Assisted tool calibration results in minimal downtime between tool calibration.


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