The Converse Kids Collection by REM Eyewear includes Style No. K009, which features a metal front, tri-laminated acetate temples, and a raised Converse logo on the temple.
Marcolin USA/Viva’s GUESS Eyewear Style No. GU 9124, from its Tween collection, draws direct inspiration from the brand’s adult collection.
Ogi, Ogi Kids, Style No. OK104 is made with monel and finished with acetate temple tips.
Karma in the Peace Eyewear Collection by i-dealoptics gives kids a unisex, retro, grown-up style option.

It’s human nature: kids are greatly influenced by adults, and this applies to everything from clothing to music to, yes, eyewear.

We see it all the time-each age group of children wants to be older and the eye- and sunwear industry is here to help them out. Fortunately, there are companies that have kid-friendly styles with a grown-up look to them.

The fresh and fashionable designs within the Op Kids Eyewear Collection by ClearVision Optical perfectly mirror today’s adult eyewear fashions. Colorful, on-trend, and skate-and-surf inspired, the Op brand offers cool and modern style for kids ages 6 to 14, including Style No. Op 836, with its curvy metal shape and colors that pop.

Newly released, the Kilter Collection by Altair Eyewear is designed for girls and boys ages 12 to 18 who are looking for styles with edge, dynamic color, and sleek design. This teen collection showcases custom design elements that illustrate that not every journey is a straight path and chaos has a sense of style. Style No. K4000 in cocoa features a pop of candy red along the interior and a metal plaque at the temples, bringing out an elevated coolness that’s seen throughout this collection. This style may be designed for teens, but a petite adult could also certainly enjoy it.

Original Penguin Youth brand of eyewear from Kenmark Group is for kids who want a more grown-up look. The collection features eyewear that is big in style, yet smaller in size. What really makes this vintage-inspired collection is the added attention to detail. For example, The Doyle Jr. (in black gradient along with a small metal attachment near the endpiece) resembles exterior hinges manufactured back in the day. The modified and shapely library temples really add to the retro appeal, too.

Karma within the Peace Eyewear Collection by i-dealoptics also gives kids looking for a unisex, retro, grown-up style an option to consider. Pillowed in shape, vintage-inspired havana in color, the Karma fits right into this trend. It’s just the perfect fit for today’s tweens and teens. And it’s affordable and stylish too.

The Converse Kids Collection by REM Eyewear is a great example of this trend for kids. The eyewear is created for the younger generation and mirrors the iconic and classic Converse brand. Check out Style No. K009 with its mix of a metal front, tri-laminated acetate temples, and a raised Converse logo on the temple.

The GUESS Eyewear Tween collection by Marcolin USA/Viva takes its inspiration from the fashion-forward prints and patterns found in the adult GUESS collection. The girls’ collection features fun animal prints in vibrant colorations and epoxy and rhinestone accents, which reflect outgoing personalities. Style No. GU 9124, made with handcrafted acetate, also sports the iconic GUESS triangle logo.

The Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses collection by Safilo USA offers cool retro suns that block out virtually 100% of glare. Polaroid Kids Style No. P 0300/S, made with acetate, has adjustable temple tips, allowing for a comfortable fit on any child’s face. The durable lenses are gray polarized have a strong, scratch-resistant coating.

Designs for kids with an adult twist are making their way into most markets, and eyewear is no exception. Adding styles in this category to your inventory could prove profitable and help grow your practice for the future.

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


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