Style No. A6203

Innovation comes easily to Clariti Eyewear, a leading fashion prescription eyewear company. And its AirMag collection is certainly proof of this. The frames have an optional matching polarized sunwear clip-on that easily attaches to the frame, making them simple and convenient for patients to use.

AirMag frames are made of a special material that doesn’t require separate magnets, unlike other magnetic eyewear. This means that the clip-on will click right on and strongly attach to the frame without the bulkiness of two pairs of magnets, offering a stronger but lighter sunwear option, according to the company.

With more than 30 women’s, men’s, and unisex frames to choose from,

Style No. A6016

there is sure to be one that meets every patient’s taste. There are varying temple widths, stones and crystals, laser-cut designs, and a range of color options.

Style No. A6016 uses a modified oval shape and slender wire construction to create a delicate look throughout the design. The thin wave-like pattern on the temple adds a touch of femininity; it comes in silver, gun, gold/pink, and burgundy.

Men’s Style No. A6203, a popular full-rimmed metal rectangle with flat,

Style No. A6017

medium-wide temples that are vented for some hip styling, is offered in semi-matte black, shiny dark gray, and satin dark brown. Style No. A6202 uses a high top bar with its chord-mounted construction along with semi-matte black, satin dark brown, and satin dark gray colors.

Both women and men will find Style No. A6017 appealing with its soft rectangle shape, thin metal construction with acetate temples, available

Style No. A6010

in gun, mocha, and black colors. The unisex appeal is also evident in Style No. A6010, a shallower rectangle with a slightly heavier temple construction in gun, mocha, light brown, and matte black.

Countercards are available to market the collection and each frame comes with a hard case, cleaning cloth, and two-year warranty.

The wide range of available styles and the moderate price point should make the Clariti AirMag Magnetic Clip-On collection a popular line in any market, especially for those consumers who don’t want to buy a separate pair of prescription sunglasses.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.

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