Instead of using a spherical equivalent, AdlensFocuss uses the exact cylinder power.
AdlensFocuss’ add powers are clicks on the dial, making it easy to switch among different distances in seconds.

Adlens provides astigmatic correction and progressive power. 

Adlens Ltd., a U.K.-based company, has been producing variable focus eyewear since 2005. While its clever technologies delivered variable powers, its products were limited to spherical powers. Their newest introduction, AdlensFocuss™, ascends to the next level by providing variable focusing progressive power for astigmatic prescriptions.

AdlensFocuss answers some of the issues regarding variable focus lenses with its Variable Power Optics™ (VPO) for astigmatism. Instead of using a spherical equivalent (sphere power combined with half the cylinder power), these lenses use the exact cylinder power, giving the astigmatic wearer crisp and clear vision at any distance.

Using proprietary technology, the AdlensFocuss sandwiches a fluid-filled adjustable lens between a front and back surface made of polycarbonate. It is the rigid lens surface that contains the Rx, including the cylinder for astigmatism, as prescribed by an eyecare professional (ECP). The liquid lens in the center is adjusted to provide more or less add power across the lens.

By using a discreetly positioned knurled knob in each endpiece of the frame, the wearer can adjust the power from near to distance and anywhere in between, creating a variable progressive powered lens. The lens power transformation is instantaneous, and provides full-field vision at the desired working distance. Unlike segmented multifocals and progressives, the only field size limitation is the size of the eyewire. That’s great news for progressive lens wearers who feel confined by the restricted clear zones of their lenses.

AdlensFocuss lenses differ from the Adlens’ John Lennon™ collection, the Hemisphere collection, and Adlens’ Adjustables™. The John Lennon and the Hemisphere collections feature liquid lens technology without astigmatism correction and the styles in these collections are perfectly round. Adlens Adjustables feature Alvarez lens technology, which uses two lenses that slide over one another to provide variable spherical power. AdlensFocuss eyewear provides astigmatic correction and progressive power using fashionable shapes.

AdlensFocuss lens powers are available from +3.50D to -6.00D with up to 2.00D of cylinder and +2.50D focusable magnification. Add powers are set as clicks on the dial, which make it easy to switch among different distances in seconds. Monovision can also be set-one lens for distance and one lens for close work. Manufacturing is done in the U.K. and as manufacturing ramps up, delivery should be within 10 days.

AdlensFocuss is scheduled for a limited rollout in some Lenscrafters locations in the spring and will be available to other ECPs shortly.

AdlensFocuss eyewear is a hand-finished collection made in acetate using modern modified rectangular shapes. It comes in three styles and multiple colors suitable for both women and men and features a hydrophobic anti-reflective treatment. The knobs that change the power are ergonomically designed and placed for easy reach within the temple arm. All frames feature adjustable silicone nosepads.

The ideal patient for AdlensFocuss eyewear is someone who has had difficulty adjusting to progressive addition lenses due to limited fields of view. GFK Roper research discovered that 60% of progressive lens wearers are not satisfied with current progressive lens options and 27% have considered switching out of progressives. AdlensFocuss is aimed at these individuals.

Sharon Leonard is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY, area.


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