Adlens’ New Production Facility and Lens Products

Adlens® Hosts Grand Opening for Variable Power Optics Center to Produce Adlens Focuss

OXFORD, UK—Adlens, the leader in variable power optics, unveiled its new state of the art production facility to launch mass manufacturing of its new Focuss variable power progressive lens, which will debut in the U.S. in 2014.

The event drew optical luminaries, political and social leaders from around the globe and heralded the first ever mass scale facility to make variable power progressives.  Representing both philanthropic and commercial interests, Adlens also supports “Vision for a Nation,” an initiative to bring vision correction to people in the developing world.

James Chen, Adlens founder and Michael C. Ferrara, the company’s CEO and Executive Chairman, sat down with First Vision Media’s Frank Giammanco to discuss this breakthrough technology, the “Vision for a Nation” initiative and the company’s overall operating philosophy. Listen to the podcast interviews with the Adlens leadership, below:

James Chen discusses
“Vision for a Nation”
Michael C. Ferrara
talks about Social IP™


Grand opening of new manufacturing facility. Adlens leadership: James Chen and Michael C. Ferrara.
An Adlens tech does a quality control inspection. The new Focuss variable power optics progressive lens.