Adlens latest lens boasts a light-reducing tint for screen-using patients.

Adlens Interface™ computer eyewear features an Alvarez lens, which adjusts from -6.00D to +3.00D, with a High Energy Visible (HEV), light-reducing tint that filters out harsh artificial light. This results in a reduction of eyestrain. Interface also provides improved contrast for screen applications and details for clearer vision. The Alvarez technology allows the lenses to be instantly adjustable for 90% of those without astigmatism who require vision correction.

According to a 2012 and 2013 report by The Vision Council, screen time is way up, with 81% of Americans using a TV, 61% a laptop, and 62% a smartphone on a daily basis. In fact, 28% of adults in the U.S. are spending more than 10 hours in front of digital devices every day. All of this electronic usage has caused an increased exposure to HEV and higher incidences of what is known as “digital eyestrain,” which nearly 70% of American adults report experiencing. Many patients aren’t even aware of how much discomfort their digital habits may actually be affecting them.

Adlens Interface can help boost sales for eyecare practices since they are the ideal supplement to prescription eyewear and they fill a specific niche for computer or other screen use. It is an affordable solution to digital eyestrain and also allows the user to adjust the lens power to see clearly. The company works with optical and retail partners and also speaks directly to its end users. Adlens Interface has its own point-of-sale displays available in six- and 12-piece countertop units for optical retail outlets.

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