Adlens takes its adjustable focus eyewear to the next level by providing adjustable lens power coupled with tasteful eyewear designs in its AdlensFocuss collection. The innovative Variable Power Optics (VPO) technology in the collection promises to bring many benefits to consumers who find conventional eyewear solutions too limiting and offers them fashion-forward frames to boot!

Renowned frame designer Blake Kuwahara worked with Adlens’ technical department to create four tasteful designs that capture contemporary eyewear fashion trends and have a medium-thick TR-90 construction. Frame colors are subdued and feature either a solid color or a striated treatment. The 18 frame options range from an alluring lilac to black brown and dark maroon. Most models use differing interior and exterior contrasting colors which creates a clean, modern look.

An added comfort feature is the adjustable nosepads mounted on an adjustable bridge. This adds a touch of hipness while making the eyewear much more adaptable for the wearer. The adjustable nosepads nicely supplement the invisible spring hinges housed in the temples.

Quantum is the most masculine of the four styles. The top of the frame front is cut straight, producing a kind of Buddy Holly look. The classically rectangular eyewires create an attractive and businesswlike appearance. Flux uses a somewhat more rounded rectangular lens shape. It features a standard saddle bridge so it doesn’t have the bold signature of Quantum but it still maintains a masculine appearance.

Kinetic uses a high-placed saddle bridge to create a look reminiscent of the old Bausch & Lomb Burbank that was so popular in the ’60s. The lateral ends of Vectra‘s eyewires flare a bit, creating a subtle but appealing styling element.

According to research conducted by GFK, 60% of U.S. progressive lens wearers are not completely satisfied with their lenses, approximately 6% cannot adapt to progressive lenses, and 27% have considered switching to another lens type. These staggering numbers indicate the need for a solution that provides multiple powers for presbyopes but one that doesn’t rely on progressive power.

Using VPO technology, AdlensFocuss cleverly does this by incorporating a single vision Rx lens with an advanced fluid-compression system that can be adjusted up to an additional +2.50D. This uses a hidden dial on the inside of each endpiece that the wearer adjusts. The Rx power range for the single vision lens goes from +4.00D to -6.00D with up to a -2.00D cylinder.

AdlensFocuss eyewear is the next generation in Rx eyewear. Its ingenious VPO technology and good looks make it a viable alternative to progressives and an ideal consideration for anyone needing wide clear variable power during the day.

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

Ed De Gennaro is Director, Professional Content of First Vision Media Group.

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