As global markets expand and the world becomes smaller, eyewear manufacturers are reaching out to make frames that fit a diverse group of people. That’s where Universal Fit comes in. Also called Asian or Alternative Fit, this design has features that give members of various ethnic groups, including Asian-Americans and African-Americans, as well as Anglo-Americans with a narrow bridge, the opportunity to wear a wide range of frames. Specifically, Universal Fit frames can have longer nosepads, narrower bridges, and a smaller face curve to provide a comfortable, relaxed fit and to prevent frames from resting on a person’s cheeks. The key is for eyecare professionals to be able to offer a frame to everyone, regardless of the person’s facial structure and eyewear, and manufacturers are more than ready with their offerings—whether they are adaptations of existing styles or new frames to fit this particular market segment.

Cachet, a division of L’Amy America • Chloe •
Style Nos. CL 2192A (top), CL 2211A (bottom)
800-600-5269 •
Optical Shop International
Bearded Baby-A (top), Happy Valley-A (bottom)
800-647-2345 •
Marchon Eyewear • Coach
Cassandra (left), Mimi (right)
800-645-1300 •
Signature Eyewear • Dakota Smith
Conviction (top), Intensity (bottom)
800-765-3937 •
Revolution Eyewear • Ed Hardy
EHA.Diving Dragon (top), EHA.Cross (bottom)
800-986-0010 •
Jee Vice • Exotic
949-542-4841 •
Safilo USA • Gucci
Style Nos. GG 2820 (left), GG 3113 (right)
800-631-1188 •
Clariti Eyewear • Konishi Eyewear
Style Nos. KL 362 (top), KL 3705 (bottom)
800-372-6372 •
Menizzi Italy USA Inc. • Menizzi
Style No. M2044 (top) • Biggu Style No. B716 (bottom)
Base Curve • John Varvatos •
Style Nos. V324 (top) • REM Eyewear
Lucky Brand • Michelle (bottom)
800-423-3023 •
Luxottica Group • Bulgari • Style No. 8068-B (top),
Prada • Style No. SPR06M (bottom)
800-422-2020 •
Kenmark Group • Vera Wang
Style Nos. V023 (top), V003 (middle), V023 (bottom)
800-627-2898 •
Ogi Eyewear • seraphin
Bryant/8551(left), Lynn/8566 (right)
888-560-1060 •
ProDesign Eyewear, Inc.
Style Nos. 1672 (top), 4647 (middle), 1681 (bottom)
800-654-6099 •
Oliver Peoples, Inc.
Riley (top), Mystic (bottom)
866-865-7599 •
Charmant USA
A Division of Charmant Inc • Christian Roth
Style No. 14229
800-645-2121 •
Maximilian (top)
816-220-7533 •
distributed by RAMASSIA inc. • Fifth Season (bottom)
718-858-8542 •
Premiere Vision,
A luxury division of Logo of the Americas Inc.
TAG Heuer
Racer Style No. TAG 9204
800-345-3733 •


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