NANOFILM SPRINGS AHEAD. The Ultra Clarity Spring Lens Care Collection includes four designs, each available in a 1-oz. customizable spray bottle. Designs include (from left to right) Eyes Love Clean, The Links, Blossom, and Tweet-Tweet. For more information, contact Nanofilm at 800-883-6266 or

HILCO MAKES A LOGICAL CHOICE. The Logic® Screw replaces standard, spring hinge, and self-tapping screws, resulting in saved time for ECPs. It comes in one length (11.6mm) and one head size (2.0mm), and it includes Tight Bond coating for a permanent repair. This extra long screw simplifies the lens insertion process and snaps off with a clean break. For more information, contact Hilco at 800-955-6544 or

IT’S IN THE BAG FOR BAGIES BY MAGIES. Beaded by hand in India, the baguette cases from BagieS by MagieS are ideal for holding reading glasses, and have a pouch in the back for other small items, such as keys, money, or a cell phone. Designs are inspired by current trends, such as black and white with a splash of pink. For more information, contact BagieS by MagieS at 877-662-6006.

FASHION OPTICAL DISPLAYS FINDS A NEW ANGLE. The Angled Z-Risers from Fashion Optical Displays hold two or three frames each, and allow for the frames themselves to be the main event. Available in black, clear, and clear with a green edge, the risers have a Z shape and make both adding and removing merchandise easier tasks than before. For more information, contact Fashion Optical Displays at 800-824-4106 or


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