EVOLUTIONEYES REFLECTS ON REFLECTION. Intended to help patients avoid (or address) Computer Vision Syndrome, E-specs’ lenses employ an anti-reflective treatment to address eye fatigue, and an aspheric design to eliminate distortion. Spring hinges allow for a comfortable fit. A plano option is available for contact lens wearers who are affected by excessive fluorescent lighting. For more information, contact Evolutioneyes at 888-864-7297 or

ARCH CROWN PLAYS TAG. The new promotional Op-TagsTM and labels from Arch Crown include Model No. 830 non-slip Op-Tags, which are die-cut from durable plastic. These tags are easy to write on and keep their position on the frame. ECPs can protect lenses with vinyl labels that maintain their static cling over time and don’t scratch. More than 30 styles of tags and lenses are available. For more information, contact Arch Crown, Inc. at 800-526-8353 or

NANOFILM GETS READY FOR BACK TO SCHOOL. The Ultra Clarity® School Bus Lens Cleaning Kit breathes life into what are often less-than-exciting accessories. The school bus-shaped box includes the components of Nanofilm’s Little Eyes Care Collection: a customizable 1-oz. Ultra Clarity spray and a microfiber cloth. For more information, contact Nanofilm at 800-883-6266 or

DUCAL DIVES IN FOR CLARITY. The custom prescription swim goggle SwimSpec (Style No. 935N), allows swimmers to utilize their exact prescriptions even when they’re under water. These polycarbonate, Rxable goggles are suitable for patients ranging from a high minus (-18.00D) to a high plus (+15.00D), and feature anti-fog lenses, silicone eye cushions and head straps, a TR-90 nylon Rx carrier, adjustable bridge straps, and storage case. SwimSpec is offered in black/gray and blue/gray (shown here). For more information, contact Ducal at 800-327-8001 or

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