HILCO CASES THE JOINT. New seasonal eyewear case collections from Hilco feature colors and textures to warm up for the winter. Those in the Stella Collection are clamshell style and are available in white and black, while cases in the Della Collection come in pearl and midnight blue clamshell and pearl and burgundy flip-ups. All designs in both these collections are embellished with an embossed brocade design. Meanwhile, the cases in the Emily Collection (shown here) are slightly larger to accommodate sunwear in a classic black/cream and red/cream toile. For more information, contact Hilco at 800-955-6544 or
OPTICALDISPLAYS.COM IS ON DISPLAY. ECPs can add a new layer of flair to their front windows with QuadTM Cable Display systems. Employing translucent acrylic cubes with LED lighting, these systems create a floating effect for the merchandise being presented. Kits include edge-lit graphic panels and all systems enable floor-to-ceiling galvanized steel cables and anodized alumi-num fittings. Three setups are available: light boxes and small acrylic cubes with LED lighting, all large acrylic cubes with LED lighting, or all glass shelves. For more information, contact at 610-489-7620 or

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