I meet Bobbi Brown in a raw studio space, a section of which is serving as her new temporary offices, in her hometown of Montclair, NJ. The stark gray walls and slate floors can be transformed into anything with the proper imagination and vision; it reminds me of a clean face that serves as a blank slate before this makeup industry veteran works her beauty magic. Brown emerges from her prior business meeting comfortably dressed, in a cozy black sweater, black skinny jeans, black Vans and a pair of preppy brown tortoise glasses that bear her first name.

Although Brown has stepped down from her namesake cosmetics line after 25 years in the business, she has a new book coming out next month-her ninth one-Bobbi Brown’s Beauty From the Inside Out. It focuses on wellness and confidence, drawing on advice from experts in various health fields, in addition to cosmetic advice, including several pages on application with eyewear. “I want to teach women how to lighten up what they do and still be stylish. I like a very simple-but not boring [look],” she said, adding, “but it’s not just about your makeup. It’s how you take care of yourself.”

Brown’s spring/summer ’17 eyewear collection with Safilo is divided into three categories: Face, Eyes and Lips. “I think that glasses are an accessory, and if you’re lucky enough to have more than one pair, it’s nice to change,” she said. The Face product family, inspired by her iconic skin tone correcting foundation, offers lightweight, thin styles that blend in. Colors include light and transparent neutral tones in crystal, blush pink and brown. The Eyes comprise wearable thin silhouettes that highlight the use of lines and other details to create an eyeliner effect; rich, distinct Havanas and metal colorations are meant to mimic eye shadow and eye contouring. The Lips family is defined by statement pieces, just like a bold lip color defines a makeup look. Sunwear incorporates mono colors with full-mirrored or gradient-color lenses.

Brown and I settle into a pair of black leather couches to check out her Face, Eyes and Lips collection and talk about her makeup musts for eyeglass-wearing women.

MICHELE SILVER: How has your personal style affected the design of the eyewear?

BOBBI BROWN: When I launched the brand, it was based on a combination of style and face shape. Every time I was on TV, people would always ask, ‘What glasses are you wearing?’ And I would say that my glasses would look terrible on her because she has a different shaped face. I happen to like a little bit of a unisex frame-a strong frame but not overdone. I’m a big fan of the preppy style.

The trend in glasses is to go a little bit thinner so they are more refined. Also, clear [crystal]glasses are so popular. There was also a request for bold colors.

SILVER: What are your favorite styles in the new spring/summer ’17 collection?

BROWN: The Woodson/S-they are both vintage looking and modern at the same time. I can’t wait until I can get my prescription put in them! I love the design elements with the silver [on the temple]. That’s our point of difference-simple style with a little design.

SILVER: What are your top makeup tips when wearing glasses?

BROWN: The important things are filling in your eyebrows because you are supposed to see them when you put your glasses on-unless you’re going for the big, giant ‘don’t-bother-me’ frames. You can arch them up a little bit. Two, use correction and concealer under the eyes and in the inner corner because glasses sometimes create shadows. Always just a touch of eye cream first. But if your makeup is smearing off, you have too much wetness there. Definition is the next important thing-so that’s black mascara and dark brown or black eyeliner. Don’t put black shadow on your eyelid-that just makes your eyes recede.

SILVER: What lip colors will be trending for spring/summer ’17, and which hues will look best with The Caden or The Woodson/S?

BROWN: It’s all about those pretty pinks and bright colors. For The Caden or The Woodson/S, I would go with either a lip color in rosey-pink or something really bright.

SILVER: How can a woman play up her natural eye color with frames?

BROWN: I think light-reflecting colors work best, and instead of dark shadows to play up eyes, use silver or dusty pinks to catch the light.

SILVER: What has been the most interesting factor you have learned about eyewear?

BROWN: The right eyewear can instantly make a huge difference in a person’s overall style. You can change, update and/or just feel good in a cool pair of frames.

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