Thinner and lighter, both visually and physically; colorways in jewel tones, pastels and translucence; and sparkling embellishments are among what we’re seeing in women’s eyewear.


What’s trending in women’s eyewear? What shapes and sizes are female patients looking for to stylishly fit their faces? What colors have translated well from the runway to the frame board? What materials are women looking for these days to complete their eyewear wardrobe . . . and why? And, what are frame manufacturers offering in their latest collections that match these shapes, sizes, colors and materials?


To uncover the trends in women’s eyewear, VCPN reached out to the eyecare professionals on the front lines of fitting their female patients with today’s frame styles. Then, VCPN invited frame manufacturers to share their latest feminine designs to see which ones follow today’s fashions. The results are on the following pages—the frame styles that ECPs find among those most in demand by their female patients and the manufacturers’ latest offerings that address them.

Licensed Optician & Lead Frame Buyer

Metro Optics Eyewear, Bronx, NY
“In our Bronx practices, more women are asking for metal frames again. (Plastic had been the dominant request for several years prior). Now, when they do seek plastic, it’s a very thin plastic. From Coach to Chanel, the new arrivals are thinner and lighter. Bolder colors continue to grow in popularity. While black and brown will probably always be our best sellers, now blues and burgundies (“safer” colors) are selling well as neutral alternatives. We’re also seeing an uptick in women asking for pinks, greens and violets, plus florals and other bold prints (“brave” choices). Additionally, we’re seeing that the old way of matching shoes to bag/purse has mostly phased out along with wearing frames that “match” the primary wardrobe. Complementing the skin, hair and eye coloring continues to be an important consideration for most patients, however.”

Envision Eye Care, Rehoboth Beach, DE
“For years women’s eyewear has been heavy on acetates, the plastics, heavier bolder looking frames. Now, recently we’ve been seeing more frames that look lighter with a little less visual weight. If they’re acetate, they are transparent or translucent. In metals we’re seeing specifically larger frames. Over the past few months there has been a huge uptick in double bar aviators of all shapes. Women want things that are different. My practice is predominantly Baby Boomers, semi-retirees or retirees from the Washington, DC, area who were somewhat conservative, but now that they’re retiring they want to have some fun. They want to embrace the newer fun frames. They’ll come in with tortoise and leave with a large, octagonal, double bar frame. “If I have to wear glasses they might as well be fun.” As expected, in summertime a lot want really bright bold colors, while during the fall and winter it’s back to more subdued colors. We’re also seeing women who opt to take a sunglass and make it into a pair of clear ophthalmics. They want larger frames.”


Colonial Eye Care, Williamsburg, VA
“Here at Colonial Eye Care we have found women want the unusual styles so as not to look like everyone else. The colors and shapes of Face a Face are proving to be among our best sellers. Materials such as acetate, metal and titanium make the frames lighter and easier to adjust, the Alium collection (pure aluminium) are not only beautiful but stylish. Shapes like butterfly, oval and round are still top sellers. Sospiri are for those who love color and Swarovski crystals. The luxury styles are made in Italy. These frames have an elegance unlike others using the same idea with stones. Larger eye sizes and light metals with Italian acetates make these styles comfortable for most face shapes. For those who want elegance yet simplicity, we offer Silhouette in 23-carat, gold-plated, any shape you can imagine. These styles are handcrafted in Austria, some with Swarovski crystals..”


The Vision Center, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Boston, MA
“The latest trends we are seeing in women’s eyewear are big round and oversized hipster glasses. From a functional perspective, the bigger sizes give more comfort for PAL wearers. From a fashion standpoint, there are myriad different shapes, color and styles from conservative to whimsical to brash. In addition to women asking specifically for these styles and shapes, we have surprisingly seen more women shifting from black and brown colors to more crystal clear and pastel colors. Having all these options to work with in the latest women’s eyewear trends makes it easy to match every patient’s style and personality with a frame suitable to them.”

Licensed Optician/Optical Manager

Paris Optique, Scottsdale, AZ
“As we enter 2019, we are seeing a trend toward softer colors and shapes. With another year with the Pantone color in the jewel tones, 2019 Pantone is Living Coral, we see a trend toward eyewear that will complement these jewel tones versus compete with them. Translucent acetates (not limited to the crystal clear frame), while fun and pretty, is a tough color for most skin tones. The introduction of the translucent frame infused with color is a fun and flattering alternative to the traditional tortoise and black frames and more flattering than the crystal clear. From soft blush and beige crystals to pastels as well as brown and gray tones, there is a color for every skin tone and every personal style. Classic metals are continuing their return. Standard gold and silver frames in unique configurations, enamel color enhancements, and leather (see page 35), crystal and wood details offer style with softness. Often the result is a classic design with feminine jewelry enhancement. This is truly jewelry for the face.”

Business Administrator/Optical Manager

McCauley Celin Eyecare Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
“Over-the-top eyewear is coming back with the return to high-end embellishments. For several years, we have seen a decline in frames that are adorned with stones and embellishments, but they are on the rise again with some new twists. This time around, instead of being mass produced, these frames are made in small batches with more exclusivity. We are seeing high-end lines taking their time to hand-carve and hand-place multicolored stones in a variety of acetate frame styles. A great example of this is Sospiri, handcrafted by Ottica Veneta in Italy. Sospiri meticulously makes every frame in fantastic shapes and sizes, from sweeping cat-inspired to modestly adorned petite styles. In most styles you can find stones that parallel the acetate color, which gives a subtle beauty and sparkle. In many other styles you will see contrasting colors that really make this attention to detail pop. Women love these frames that read as jewelry, and we love welcoming back the sparkles.”

Chief Visionary Officer

Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear, Miami, FL
“I see mostly a lot of metals, and we’re seeing that in other collections, including our own. Wearing a pair of oversized metal frames is as cool as they get. I keep hearing about and I’ve seen eyeglasses that are really tiny. Some collections in sunglasses have strong cat eyes with very small eye sizes. In the sunglass world there’s a transition already taking place. It takes a little bit longer for it to come into the Rx world.”

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