The LT-980 HC can calculate the effect the curve will have on the lens size.

Santinelli has enhanced its line of finishing equipment with the LT-980 High Curve Tracer.

The frame tracer is arguably the most crucial piece of hardware in the finishing equipment equation because the information it gathers about a frame’s eyeshape is input into the edger (or lab management software) to process the lens and has a direct bearing on the quality of the finished job. Nowhere is this more important than with high-base curve frames where errors can easily occur. That’s one reason Santinelli International, Inc. developed the LT-980 High Curve (HC) Tracer.

Santinelli describes the LT-980 HC as a revolutionary next-generation tracer that isn’t afraid of any frame curves. One of the unit’s most impressive features is its ability to trace high-curve frames with a fully automatic operation and to calculate the effect the curve will have on lens size. The tracer’s sophisticated software processes this information and reproduces precise digitized frame data.

In fact, the LT-980 receives 1,000 points of reference per eye in 3D from the tracer stylus to frame point-of-contact during the tracing process. This is made possible by the LT-980’s unique design that makes use of a variable fulcrum stylus that keeps the “Z” axis of the stylus perpendicular to the frame at any given height. Even a beginner can handle high curves like a pro with the LT-980 HC!


EXCELLENCE COMES IN The saying, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” certainly applies to key pieces of finishing equipment. Given the vital importance of the tracer to communicate the most detailed information into the finishing process, it should be at or near the top of the list as far as quality is concerned. Computer programmers have a phrase that pretty well sums up the relationship between input and output: “garbage in, equals garbage out!” With Santinelli International, Inc.’s LT-980 HC tracer, the company suggests that your equation may become, “excellence in, equals excellence out!” That’s music to the ears of any lab person.

The LT-980 has a softer touch too and Santinelli claims it reduces the stylus pressure (tip to frame) by 50% compared to previous models. This reduced pressure allows even the most delicate slim-line or flexible frames to be traced without distortion, which Santinelli asserts results in perfect reproductions every time. Santinelli achieved this by altering the angle of approach of the X and Y coordinates of the stylus-to-frame so the pressure is dispersed over a larger area at various angles to the frame. The LT-980 also makes use of a Tungsten-Carbide stylus tip that reduces abrasion, improves tracing accuracy, and prolongs stylus life.

A tracer can often become fouled because the operator has not taken the time to properly clean eyewire debris from the frame so eventually the linear bearings fail. The LT-980 mitigates the potential for frame debris because it features 100% gear-driven three-axis assemblies.

Therefore, you can expect continuous, trouble-free, robust operation of the unit. Enhanced online support is also available from the Santinelli Web site and is provided to all customers including pre-existing tracer model owners.

With the popularity of high-base curve eyewear today and the challenges associated with fabricating them, the LT-980 tracer is a timely contribution to Santinelli’s finishing equipment line.

Robert Flippin is a licensed optician and co-owner of Thorp & Flippin Optical in Lynchburg, VA.


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