OptoTech’s smartLAB superstore allows ECPs to produce lenses with AR in one hour.

Imagine being able to produce highly accurate digital single vision and progressive lenses free of glare and with mirror coatings in an hour and in your own office? OptoTech Optical Machinery, Inc. has released the smartLAB superstore, a digital free-form equipment line for optical stores that want to start free-form lens production. It consists of a 4-axis generator, two-spindle polisher, 3-axis engraver, and AR coater, together with a unique clamping system. It is designed to produce digital lenses quickly and accurately. The smartLAB superstore incorporates EyeWizard’ software that can be used at dispensing with an iPad. It allows the optician and patient to decide on corridor length and illustrates how changes can affect the patient’s viewing zones. The chosen design is cut onto the selected lens material by taking the information from the dispenser’s iPad and putting it into OptoTech’s proprietary software. Lenses are diamond-turned using OptoTech’s technology. The OptoTech equipment interfaces with other machines and lab management software and produces all free-form lens brands and designs. The AR unit produces premium front- and backside super hydrophobic AR treatments, it also incorporates all the features of a large-size vacuum box coating system with the added features of in-chamber lens flipping.

Brian Boddy is a second-generation optician/owner of Acoma Optical stores in Santa Fe, NM.

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