Built to protect and perform, John Deere by Wiley X takes two trusted names for one ultimate safety eyewear collection.

When the largest agricultural brand in the world partners with a top performance safety eyewear company, the result is John Deere by Wiley X. Fully compliant with ANSI Z87.1, John Deere safety glasses come in both plano (All Terrain Safety collection) and Rx or plano (Premium Lifestyle).

All Terrain Safety

The three plano styles in this collection—Traction-X, Torque-X and Advert-X— feature 100% UVA and UVB protection, along with superior impact resistance. The frames are sleek wrap designs, with a lower profile so that they fit easily under the brim of a cap (a John Deere cap, of course). They also have slip-resistant temple liners and bridges. The temples are slightly curved with an inward wrap, making them easy to get on and off without removing headgear. Rated to withstand high impact, the wrapped lenses also provide protection from wind and debris. The new Advert-X gives the wearer a choice of gloss black frames with either gray or green sapphire mirror lenses. All Terrain styles include an anti-fog lens coating and a microfiber carry bag that can also be used for cleaning.

Premium Lifestyle 

The four styles comprising this collection; Pivot-X, Turf-X, Force-X and Drill-X—are Rxable and progressive-friendly. Wiley X will ensure the Rx lenses match the original planos in color and performance, and lens options include solid gray, polarized, mirror and flash mirror. The frames feature slightly wider temples for wind protection, and both the Pivot-X and Turf-X have a deeper vertical lens measurement to handle multifocal lens designs. The Drill-X offers a more shallow and sleek shape, which comes in a black frame, and two metallic color options with green or pink accents. The lenses can be polarized gray or standard gray, with or without a silver flash coating. The most traditional style is the Turf-X, designed with a squared-off shape and thicker temples. All models come with a lanyard, hard shell zipper, case and cleaning cloth, as well as the Wiley X lifetime warranty.

Sharon Leonard, LDO,
licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the
Syracuse, NY, area.

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