Future In Focus hosts Ron Blum (left), VisionCare Inventing, and Frank Giammanco, First Vision Media Group
Corey Mack, co-founder and CEO, of Laforge Optical, presents his fashionable augmented reality eyeglasses
LEFT TO RIGHT Frank Giammanco, Bill Burns, Encore Vision (awarded Most Innovative and Most Disruptive), Keith Thompson, MD, DigitalVision Systems (awarded Most Poised for Success), and Ron Blum

Discover the game-changing eyecare products and technology that were revealed at the Future in Focus conference.

If you’ve been at all impressed with the products introduced into the eyecare arena in the last five years or so, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” as the old saying goes. I base this rather amazing pronouncement on information presented during Vision Expo West at the Future in Focus conference, co-sponsored by First Vision Media Group. I interviewed Ron Blum, OD, a noted inventor and innovator, who moderated the event, for his perspective on the products he feels might have the greatest impact on eyecare and/or eyewear.

Encore Vision, Inc. is developing eye-drops for reducing presbyopia. The product, which is in FDA trials, breaks the crosslinks developed in the lens during aging, thereby making it more flexible. Encore feels this treatment should not optically distort vision like LASIK or other invasive procedures.

Digital Vision Systems (DVS)’s The VisionOptimizer™ is a multifunctional platform that incorporates refractions with 0.01D power accuracy, virtual try-on, and telemedicine features. The “phoropter-less” system projects images from a wavefront generator into the patient’s eyes. DVS claims an objective and subject refraction takes approximately one minute. Once the refraction is completed, the instrument demonstrates the improvement in vision through virtual try-on as well as the effects that AR, photochromic, polarized, and different lens designs (like PALs) will provide. The unit also has telemedicine features.

Unlike Google Glass, LaForge Optical’s ICIS augmented reality ICIS technology is housed in fashion frames. The eyewear shows notifications and messages from a smartphone. It also takes pictures, records videos, and displays navigational information, all through Bluetooth. Created for both plano and Rx use, the fashionable eyewear frames contain a camera, touchpad, built-in microphone, directional speaker, and display. The ICIS eyewear platform is designed for consumers to view, explore, and buy eyewear directly online.

Vision Solutions Technologies is working on an accommodating intraocular lens that uses an optic body and two immiscible liquids with different refractive indices. The orientation of the two liquids changes the power of the lens. This lens implant uses no batteries or electronics; instead, it utilizes two bio-compatible liquids of different densities. When the patient looks straight ahead, she’ll see distance objects and when she looks down, she’ll see near objects.

See you in September at Vision Expo West 2015 for another exciting Future in Focus!

Ed De Gennaro is Director, Professional Content of First Vision Media Group.


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