Chemistrie Sun lenses from Eyenavision are a convenient sunwear solution. 

Designed for the prescription eyewear user who desires sun protection, Chemistrie Sun lens layers are custom magnetic clips that fit over virtually any eyewear frame, transforming an everyday pair of glasses into seamless sunwear. Chemistrie Sun frees the wearer from purchasing and carrying around an extra pair of frames for sunglasses. The added benefit for ECPs is that an eyewear user resistant to a second-pair sale may be intrigued by the Chemistrie Sun option.

Back story
Chemistrie Sun lenses are made from a thin, flexible triacetate material that is customized to fit the shape and base curve of a patient’s existing clear lenses. Chemistrie Sun lenses may be processed either through Eyenavision, Inc.’s lab, 100-plus other labs certified by Eyenavision, or an ECP office with edging and drilling capabilites (parts for making Chemistrie Sun lenses are available for purchase).

WOW Factor
Customizable options for Chemistrie Sun lenses include 24 polarized lens colors that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection; eight mirror and eight gradient lens styles with backside AR coating; and eight solid lenses. Several magnet and bridge colors are also available, as well as 12 additional colors of Swarovski Crystals that can be added to Chemistrie Sun’s standard magnets. Most importantly, these versatile lenses give ECPs another revenue stream by targeting a niche market with a unique solution.

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