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2. Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) 800.237.8154 • LookToPSI.com Info@LookToPSI.com

3. Hilco Vision • 800.955.6544 • Hilco.com Requests@Hilco.com

4. OptiSource International 800.678.4768 • 1-800-OptiSource.comInfo@1-800-OptiSource.com

1. Identity-Links, Inc.
Identity-Links’ highest quality microfiber cleaning cloth is the Premium Ultra Opper Fiber cloth. Because your company logo can be added, these cleaning cloths can also be used for marketing purposes. These cloths can be even more personalized with an optional vinyl pouch that is the size of a business card. Each cloth can be folded with the bottom right side imprint showing through the vinyl pouch, into which your business card can be added for further promotion.

2. Practical Systems, Inc.

Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) sells 3M High Performance Lens Cloths designed with a unique combination of microfibers and knit construction that allow for dust, oil and water pickup with minimal lint left behind. These microfiber cleaning cloths can be used dry or damp, with or without cleaning chemicals on a variety of surfaces, including plastic and glass lenses. They are washable and reusable. PSI also private labels microfiber cleaning cloths that are absorbent, washable and lint free. These cloths come in a variety of material and ink colors. PSI recommends its Simply Clean Lens Cleaner for use with each of its cloths. The Simply Clean Lens Cleaner can also be private labeled. Simply Clean polishes all lens materials with or without AR and is appropriate for the final cleaning of lenses and frames. It removes dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints from eyeglasses, computer screens, cell phones, mirrors and more without streaking.

3. Hilco Vision
Hilco Vision provides its accounts with microfiber cleaning cloths that are ideal for all types of lenses, coatings and screens. Hilco’s high-end Korean Classic microfiber cloth is comprised of polyester and nylon and is backed by major coating labs.
The cloths come in an array of colors and can be customized, perfect for marketing your practice. Minimum imprint order quantity is 100 pieces, and set-up charges may apply.

4. OptiSource International
OptiSource supplies its customers with microfiber cloths with a high thread count. Heavyweight, resilient and smooth, these premium microfiber cloths are silky to the touch, and they clean well even without having to use a spray cleaner. These microfiber cleaning cloths are safe on all anti-reflective (AR) coatings, all lenses and even on screens and computer monitors. They are packaged 100 cloths in one color per bag. Available colors include burgundy, navy blue, green, black and gold, and custom imprinting is available.

Jaimee Palkovicz is marketing coordinator of i-see Optical Lab in Blackwood, NJ.


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