The go-to frames for many ECPs, they’re not licensed by major designers nor endorsed by famous celebrities, but rather house brands are a category unto themselves.

Quality, price, flexibility, design and the personal attention that comes from working with an independent company are among the factors eyecare professionals cite for choosing to carry house brand frames. The eyewear manufacturers specializing in this category agree, adding their own reasons for ECPs to carry them.

“Independent house brands are a fantastic way for independent ECPs to differentiate themselves from online and chain store competitors,” said Beverly Suliteanu, vice president of product development for WestGroupe. “Most chains and optical online retailers tend to focus on licensed brands as these names are easily recognized by the public, and the brand name tends to be the key selling feature of these products. With brand names widely available, the profitability of these brands for the ECP is somewhat diminished due to easy price comparisons by consumers. Additionally, as there is no licensor to answer to, house brands tend to have more leeway in design, leading to more creative and varied styling. House brands are able to adapt quicker to trend changes as the design cycle tends to be shorter than licensed products.”

Yael Ifergan, director of marketing for Aspex Eyewear, agreed with this manufacturing flexibility benefit. “We control the product development process from A to Z and don’t have to wait for approval from a licensor,” he said. “This allows us to shorten the product development process and bring new models to the market in a much shorter time frame. We can adapt more quickly to new trends and opportunities. We can invest significant amounts of money in marketing and advertising and keep growing the brand. We can invest in proprietary new technologies such as Turboflex and use them across several collections.”

Ultimately, house brands are about maintaining control, both for the manufacturer and the ECP. “We don’t have a pocketbook designer telling us where the logo should be; we don’t even use logos,” said Thomas Castiglione, chief executive officer of Morel Eyewear. “We look at them as proprietary brands, brands that we have created and have full control over.”

Aspex launched a national advertising campaign this fall for its TurboFlex house brand and its patented 360 Hinge, directing consumers to ECPs who carry the brand. EasyTwist (left), with its flexible bridge, and EasyClip (above), with its magnetic clip-ons, both feature the TurboFlex 360 Hinge.
Aspex Eyewear 800.277.3979 AspexEyewear.com


Ogi (right), the original line from Ogi Eyewear, brings bold, colorful, contemporary eyewear. The Quennel (above), in Ogi’s Bon Vivant line, is lighter and more playful with soft blends of crystal acetate and complementary darker temples
Ogi Eyewear 888.560.1060 OgiEyewear.com CSR@OgiFrames.com




Lightness embodies MODO’s philosophy, heritage and purpose and celebrates the structure of its eyewear. The frame style on the model is 7012 from the MODO R1000 + collection, and the sunglasses are style 459 from MODO’s PTA collection (Paper-Thin Acetate).
MODO 800.223.7610 MODO.com CustomerService@MODO.com




A statement brand since 1956, Carrera is defined as being for people who live by their own rules. The Signature collection combines classic shapes and craftsmanship with urban attitude, focusing on styles that unite the flair of metal details with refined acetates.
Safilo USA 800.631.1188 Safilo.com Info@Safilo.com




With a sleek look that hides technological prowess, Morel Lightec’s comfort and lightness rely on a frame with screwless temples and a flexible hinge, also without screws. Its signature thin line of metal on the temple joins the trendy retro-inspired tortoise-shell shades and warm colors.
Morel 800.526.8838 Morel-France.com Sales@Morel-EyewearUSA.com




Designed with a thermosetting plastic, these styles adjust easily with heat, and Thermo-Memory remembers its original shape. Lightweight and durable, the Marchon NYC Thermo-Memory collection features hidden flexible spring hinges in frames with modern shapes and sophisticated color combinations.
Marchon Eyewear 800.645.1300 Marchon.com CS@Marchon.com

Since 1938, Tura eyewear infuses feminine flair with bold beauty inspired by American jewelry and 100% conceived in its Manhattan design office. Handcrafted eyewear for the discerning woman of all ages, Tura offers everything from modern silhouettes to more classic styling.
Tura, Inc. 800.242.8872 Tura.com Orders@Tura.com





All of WestGroupe’s brands have a back story for ECPs to share with their patients, and FYSH is no different. Combining the latest runway looks with the color trends of the season, FYSH is designed for strong, ambitious, game-changing women who embrace individual style.
WestGroupe 855.455.0042 WestGroupe.com Info@WestGroupe.com




A A matte titanium-based line, the Suki house brand from Mott Optical is defined as a “natural extension of self,” featuring a monochromatic outside with a pop of color inside. Designed for a high-Rx patient looking for a lightweight frame, the line also features nosepads for extra support.
Mott Optical 855.750.6688 MottOptical.com MottGroup@MottOptical.comcom





With a weightless, “barely there” feel, the latest addition to the Aspire collection is constructed of SDN-6, a new proprietary nylon plastic material featuring a manufacturing technique that allows for a saddle bridge design.
ClearVision Optical Co. 800.645.3733 CVOptical.com CService@CVOptical.com




Expanding The Biform Hinge concept, which offers dual action flex with a secure close and includes slim metal rivets that embellish the endpieces and anchor the hinge, the NU026 style features a retro-round shape, a keyhole nosebridge and richly colored acetate horn on both the front and temples.
L’Amy America 800.243.6350 LAmyAmerica.com Support@LAmyAmerica.com

The new Marcolin Eyewear collection is designed with the inspiration and essence of a luxury jewelry line. This new collection is for a sophisticated, upscale consumer who is looking for a high quality product at an affordable price point.
Marcolin 800.345.8482 Marcolin.com InfoUSA@Marcolin.com


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