EyeTech Optometry relocates (its practice), renames (its brand) and redesigns (its logo) all in one shot.

As anyone who has bought and sold a house knows, deciding to make the move isn’t always the hardest part. That goes triple when it’s a relocation, as well as a name and logo change. But that’s exactly what Christena Ward, OD, did after 15 years in Dillon, CO, as Complete Family Eye Care.

“It had gotten tired, and we needed a larger space to accommodate a second optometrist and reduce patient wait times,” she said of the old name and location.

Rebranding itself as EyeTech Optometry in nearby Frisco, CO, the new digs are a spacious 3,300-square-foot space with all the bells and whistles of a modern optometric practice. Ward chose the name to reflect her investments in eyecare technology and project a more modern vibe. To kick-start the process, she employed Southpaw Design Studio LLC and lead designer Jeff Cary, who brought over 20 years of design experience to the job. Cary developed the interior design with Ward’s input and created the construction drawings for the project.

Starting in July 2016, the project took just 10 months until the grand re-opening in May 2017. “From a design standpoint, all the problems we encountered were limited to minor coordination issues between the as-built drawings of the building shell and the actual building,” Cary said. “It’s a common occurrence that existing drawings don’t exactly match field conditions, but we were able to make small adjustments to the design to take these bumps in stride.”

Aside from that, the biggest stress according to Ward was “having to constantly make decisions.” In the end, though, the finished product was worth it. Ward was especially pleased with the charred cypress wood surrounding the reception desk. To accomplish the desired effect an ancient Japanese wood treatment called shou sugi ban was used. The technique has seen a recent surge in popularity, in part because it avoids using toxic stains and sealants, and it makes the wood fire retardant and resistant to rot, insects and decay.

At its heart the floor plan maximizes staff efficiency and enhances the patient experience, such as with the use of Lumicor acrylic panels—with embedded natural grass fibers and a frosted finish—throughout the office. These screens allow natural light to penetrate deeper into the common interior spaces while maintaining patient privacy.

The optical dispensary also uses bespoke millwork designs that provide a smart merchandising layout for the retail area that can accommodate specialty equipment while also allowing the flexibility to integrate future technologies. “There are many different wood tones and rustic metallic features in the optical that complement each other in an unexpected way,” Ward said.


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