Low or narrow nosebridges? High cheekbones? Wide faces? Turn these patients onto global fit, a growing category that’s more fashionable than ever.


One size does not fit all. Wearers of various ethnicities have unique fitting needs and require special frames that address their facial structures. Teresa Gelsi, a New York State licensed ophthalmic dispenser, contact lens fitter and owner of Terri Optics in Dobbs Ferry, NY, truly appreciates the fact that she has greater options than she used to. “Prior to these frames being introduced, I had to [make so many]adjustments. I would feel terrible that my patients were looking over their glasses,” she said.

Ogi Eyewear, which has offered global fit since the company was founded in 1997, continues to offer a great selection in all of its collections for spring 2016. “We have an unwavering demand from customers around the world for global fit styles,” explained Wynn Pratt, marketing spokesperson. Red Rose Arianna and Ogi 4315 are two of the newest models.


Always on the cutting edge, Oakley will launch an ophthalmic collection in September using its new proprietary TruBridge Technology in four of the brand’s bestselling styles: Crosslink MNP (for sports), Chamfer MNF (a classic design), Marshall MNP (lightweight for everyday) and Coverleaf MNP (with retro appeal). There are four sets of nosepads for the most common nosebridges. The technology provides optimum vision by creating a centered line of sight where the prescription is most accurate, maximum pad contact for even weight distribution and no uncomfortable cheek contact.

TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear (style ayumi on p.25), launched in 2009, was the first North American eyewear collection designed for Asian faces, according to Bradie Gilson, marketing/customer relations manager. To help maximize sales, the company invests in training and education, including personalized Skype sessions. “A uniquely featured patient takes more time and understanding, but the reward is much greater when the patient is fit with the perfect frame,” said Gilson.


ClearVision Optical has three global fit styles in its fashion-forward BCBGMAXAZRIA line. BCBG’s G-Franca comes in black and tortoise laminate, and G-Adisson is offered in wine tortoise laminate and black tortoise laminate. Additionally, six global fit frames are being released at the end of the month for the OP and Jessica McClintock children’s styles. A flatter base curve and longer temples prevent slipping, keeping frames aligned.

The Tom Ford and Guess collections from Marcolin Eyewear each offer a robust selection of Asian Fit styles (25 for Tom Ford, 38 for Guess). “It’s an opportunity to customize a sale and cater to a larger demographic and therefore would grow the business,” said CEO Fabrizio Gamberini.

Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear has Grace Queen, a sub-collection of its popular Grace ladies’ line, with longer temples and bigger eye sizes. Models 7088 and 7086 feature nosepads on an acetate frame for ethnicities with lower bridges.

Vera Wang’s Alternative Fit Collection features wider styles with less face curve and a more built-up bridge. Designs are made from scratch rather than modifying existing shapes in order to achieve the best results, according to Marissa Cundiff, communications director for Kenmark Optical.


Patients’ fitting needs extend to sunwear as well. Costa’s new OmniFit collection is designed for every ethnicity; it includes seven of its most popular sunglass styles, including Blackfin and Corbina. Each model features an adjustable saddle bridge to prevent slippage. Renato Cappuccitti, director of Rx Sales, adds that styles have a flatter head curve for those who can’t wear conventional wrap sunglasses.

Fantastic global fit eyewear options are available this season. Which ones will you choose?

Global Fit Arrives For Contact Lenses

Blanchard Contact Lenses Onefit A lens for the Asian eye offers the acuity of a GP lens with the comfort of a soft lens. This lens features a smaller diameter and an altered para central geometry for optimal limbal clearance and easier handling. It’s specifically designed for an Asian cornea with health conditions such as astigmatism or moderately irregular cornea.

Stacey Feintuch is a freelance digital and print writer who has worked at various health magazines and websites.


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