Vera Bradley Girlfriends’ Libby from McGee offers a distinctive pattern for fashion-conscious girls.

With these tips on fitting your young patients, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

When fitting children with Rx eyewear and sunwear, it’s wise to recognize the differences between the worlds of kids and adults. The “one-size-fits-all” approach often used for adults should be thrown out the window and a different method followed for children. Here’s a checklist you can follow that will guide you through the kids’ eyewear process.

Children range from infants up to those aged 19. They pass through various stages and classifying kids this way is a good idea because each age group has relative behaviors. For example, younger children look to their parents for advice, consent, and the final decision while tweens want

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independence. Older kids may bring other family members or peers with them when selecting eyewear.

Children of all ages want to be in style, especially tweens and teens. These fashionistas begin to recognize designer names at an earlier age than in past decades. Make sure to show eyewear and sunwear that is age appropriate for the young patient you are fitting (see “Kids’ Eyewear At-A-Glance,” below). Tweens and teens will quickly lose confidence in you if you insist on certain brands that are not created specifically for them. They seek popular brands that have images they can identify with so be sure you have a full understanding of each frame’s brand message.

Take a good look at the child when selecting a frame. Is her face still pudgy? Does the face widen at the sides? If so, choose frames that have an extended endpiece, a longer A measurement, or temples that bow out in an arc away from the head. The goal is to ensure that the temples do not press against the side of the head. Eyewear that does not fit properly will cause discomfort and have a tendency to slide off the face.

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When selecting eyewear for infants and toddlers, keep in mind that babies’ foreheads protrude, their noses have little-to-no bridge, and their chubby cheeks are busting out so their eyes are inset. Fit eyewear with uniformly shaped lenses that cover the eyes and surrounding areas. The bridge and nosepads should be chunkier and fill in the spatial gap above their noses, and the B measurement of the frame should not be so deep that the rim rests on their cheeks.

Infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers may be quick to remove their eyewear so frames with comfort cables that hook behind their ears are helpful. They take more effort to remove and keep the eyewear from slipping down their noses. Look for frames that offer both skull and comfort cable temples. Older kids may be more self-disciplined and may wear either temple style. For the active child, make sure the temple tip is made of perspiration-resistant materials that keep the eyewear from slipping.


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Today’s kids want color and lots of it. Don’t be afraid to suggest colors that are outside the box. Look to multiple laminates like double and triple varieties with eye-catching color combinations and patterns that dazzle the eye, especially when recommending sunwear. When fitting infants and toddlers, it is okay to go a bit easier on the color so as not to cause additional distraction when wearing the eyeglasses.

For younger kids like infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers, it’s smart to recommend hypoallergenic and lightweight frame materials like titanium and stainless steel. They are also durable and easy to work with. For older children like tweens and teens also consider acetate for more pleasing color combinations and carved-out designs.

Try this checklist and you’ll find it a helpful guide when fitting children’s eyewear. Remember to add your own twist or niche to the experience too. And treat kids with respect and they will treat you that way in return.

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, lecturer, and course preparer on various optical topics and consults in the Virginia Beach, VA area.


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