Tune into the KODAK Lens Patient Waiting Room Video to educate about lenses in your lobby.

Signet Armorlite’s six-minute video on the KODAK Lens Professional Series makes it easy to educate patients about vision needs and lenses. The video has six segments, which provide details on the following KODAK lenses:

Digital Single Vision Lens features the benefits of a good quality single vision lens for either distance or near.

Progressive Lenses discusses the difference between bifocals, trifocals and single vision near only lenses, the problem of image jump and the limitations of each design. It then highlights the uninterrupted viewing experience of progressive addition lenses.

Transitions Lens speaks to the need for the eye’s light-adjusting requirements throughout the day as conditions change and how Transitions can reduce eye fatigue, eyestrain and block 100% of UV rays.

Sun Lens explains the medical necessity of sun protection and addresses UV damage to ocular tissues. It also defines polarization in a way consumers can understand.

SoftWear Lens starts by identifying the problem of computer vision syndrome (CVS). It then describes how KODAK SoftWear Lenses, designed for comfortable computer use, can help relieve the symptoms of CVS.

No-Glare Lens Coatings features the benefits of these anti-reflective treatments and illustrates the scratch resistance, cleanability and UV protection that the coatings provide.

The DVD can run as a continuous loop in the waiting room or reception area. It has subtitles so it can be run on mute and is beneficial for the hearing impaired. Order a complimentary DVD at www.salitonline.com or via the email below. The video is also part of Signet Armorlite’s media library on the company website and YouTube channel, which makes it easy to pull up on an iPad at the dispensing table. Consider linking to it on your website too.

The KODAK Lens Patient Waiting Room Video is not only an entertaining and innovative way to educate patients, but it also turns waiting time into education time instead of wasted time.

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Diane F. Drake, LDO, ABOM, FCLSA, is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer and consultant to optical professionals in Jackson, GA.


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