A 360 ON COSTA’S 580


Born on the water, Costa developed the 580 lens series to enhance outdoor visual experiences.

Costa 580™ sun lenses selectively filter portions of the light spectrum. For instance, harsh yellow light is filtered, resulting in greater comfort, color enhancement, and less fatigue when looking at reds, blues, and greens. The lenses also selectively filter harmful short wave high-energy blue light so the wearer experiences greater contrast, reduced haze, clarity, and sharpness. Of course, 100% of harmful UV radiation is also blocked and Costa touts 100% polarization effectiveness, which eliminates reflective glare, provides better contrast, and reduces eyestrain.

Made with polycarbonate (for planos) and Trivexmaterial (for Rxable lenses), Costa 580P lenses have a backside AR treatment, a polarized film, a mirror treatment, and C-WALL™, which offers scratch-resistant properties that are molecularly bonded to the lens.

Costa’s Lightwave™ glass 580G lenses have a polarized film, an encapsulated mirror treatment, and another layer of glass. The encapsulated mirror is tucked behind the added outside layer of glass, which offers the most scratch resistance.

Originally Costa launched 580G in October 2000 and it now offers its 580 lens in Rx form digitally manufactured using Waypoint™ digital design. It’s available in plano, single vision, flat-top bifocals, and C-SCAPE™ designed progressives. And check out C-MATES, over-the-counter ready-made bifocals that include a patented hidden backside bifocal segment. These are offered in nine sunwear styles and three add powers (+1.50D, +2.00D, and +2.50D).

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

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