If you’re stuck in a frame-buying rut, have no fear! A wrap-up of the hottest trends for 2017/2018 is here.
It’s all too easy to wind up purchasing the same type, shape and color frames season after season. You may not be giving enough credit to your customers, who may be looking for something different or au courant. Many buyers will buy a well-known popular brand not considering that every competitor on the block or in your town will have the same frames. This isn’t the best strategy unless it’s a frame you truly think is an amazing value that flatters most faces.

So, in order to help you offer some amazing choices to your clientele, check out this quick guide to five hot style categories.

1 Reflective Mirrored sunglasses reminiscent of the ‘80s and early ‘90s have been back in a big way, but this time around there are hues of blue, purple and pink. This trend is slightly sporty, a little cocky and reflects a fun personality. Men especially are looking for ways to have a little fun in the fashion world and this is an easy way to start.

2 Round John Lennon is, by far, the best example of this trend, which is retro inspired and a little bit ‘60s. You will see this shape in nearly every brand for both ophthalmic and sun and in metal or plastic, which makes an even more dramatic appearance. This shape sounds masculine to many, but in fashion it’s paired with beachy casual fashion on women.

3 Faux Wood This look has started to saturate the market. Many of these frames have an ‘80s style shape and either look entirely made of wood or just the temples. This trend is unisex but sells easily to men, and the look goes with everything from suits to shorts to jeans.

4 Retro The “it” shape is an exaggerated cat eye in predominantly acetate materials. Many will have some type of bling whether that is a glitter in the frame or rhinestones. This look can be harder to pull off with confidence for some, but there are many that do so very well.Try a tray full of options in this category and create a display; have two of each frame, one in display and one to try on.

5 Oversized Sunglasses Talk about a trend that may never end. A huge pair of diva sunglasses has always been a staple for celebrities. They not only provide fabulous coverage, but they are also flattering on different face shapes. Though most brands will have this silhouette, it’s more prevalent with designer labels, which are synonymous with luxury, class and sophistication.

So go ahead, experiment with different brands. Do your own research and work with a new rep. Train your staff on the current looks, too. Create amazing displays, sponsor a trunk show and show off styles on social media. Have fun with the new frame fashions!

Travis J Reed is CEO 
of Creative Visionary Inc.




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